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Expressions of Interest for Redfern-Waterloo Ministerial Advisory Committees - 19.04.2005

This is a text version of the RWA publication "Redfern-Waterloo Plan #3" of April 2005. This leaflet informed the community about the Ministers decision to stick with the Ministerial Advisory Committees (MAC's) and community consultation he had put out for comment in December 2004. It called for nominations to the MAC's. The leaflet was distributed throughout the Redfern Waterloo area however within a short period the meeting place, dates and times had changed for the Human Services Review meetings. The pdf file of this leaflet is very large at 1.2 Mb for double sided A4.

Redfern-Waterloo Authority

The Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA) was established on 17 January 2005 to manage public infrastructure and achieve sustainable social and physical renewal in the area.

This is an invitation for you to become involved in shaping your community for the future

Reminder: Expressions of Interest for Redfern-Waterloo Ministerial Advisory Committees.

Following community consultation, the Minister for Redfern-Waterloo, the Hon. Frank Sartor MP, is now inviting Expressions of Interest from residents of Redfern, Waterloo, Eveleigh and Darlington to participate in any of three Ministerial Advisory Committees.

Community representatives may be appointed as individuals to each of the following Committees:

  • Built Environment – considering urban design, traffic, public access, public transport, land use, affordable housing, public housing, and urban renewal.
  • Employment and Enterprise – considering strategies to increase job and business opportunities in the area, including the Indigenous community.
  • Human Services – considering human services and health issues affecting Redfern-Waterloo.

Please note that the Minister is seeking at least two Indigenous residents for each committee.

Expressions of Interest should outline relevant interests, skills and experience in no more than two pages (including contact details) and be forwarded to:

Aldo Pennini
RWA Community Relations Manager
PO Box 3332
Redfern, NSW 2016
Telephone: 9202 9100
Fax: 9202 9111
Email: penninia@rwa.nsw.gov.au

Expressions of Interest should be received by the Redfern-Waterloo Authority by 5.00 pm Friday, 22 April, 2005.

Robert Domm, Chief Executive Officer, Redfern-Waterloo Authority


How Your Voice Will Be Heard

Community Consultation Framework for the Future

                                     MINISTER FOR REDFERN – WATERLOO                      .

           ^                                               ^                                               ^     
           |                                               |                                                |                                 .

           v                                               |                           REDFERN –WATERLOO AUTHORITY
ADVISORY COMMITTEES                    |                                               ^             
Built Environment                                  |                                               |              
Human Services                                    |                                               |        

Enterprise & Employment                      |                                               v                                   .                
           ^|                                              |                            Working Groups of Officers as required

           v                                              v                                                 .            
                                          Open to community at large                                        

All Residents can be involved

Upcoming meetings and events will be advised to residents in our inaugural newsletter and website (still under construction). A Community Forum to meet at least four times a year will be open for members of the public to attend. The purpose of this Forum is to provide the Minister with advice on the broad strategic direction of the Redfern-Waterloo Plan and provides the community with a direct link to the Minister.

Human Services Review Update

Two community workshops held on 4 April 2005 identified preferred outcomes community members want from human services in Redfern and Waterloo.

Around 60 participants identified outcomes in relation to children and young people, families and community. Some initial work was also undertaken to identify how such achievements might be measured. This information has been passed on to the Interim Human Services Advisory Committee and the cluster groups set up to develop Stage One of the Human Services Plan.

The cluster groups, consisting of people responsible for providing services in Redfern-Waterloo, will open to the public their scheduled meetings for the week comencing 2 May 2005.

Community members who wish to have a say about solutions that are being developed are encouraged to attend one or more of the following community workshops:

Tuesday 3 May 2005: Health services
Wednesday 4 May 2005: Services for Aboriginal people
Thursday 5 May 2005: Youth services
Friday 6 May 2005: Services for families and children

All meetings will be held on level 11, Tower 2, TNT Towers, 1 Lawson Street, Redfern.

For further information and times contact Samantha Nolan, phone 9202 9100.

Redfern-Waterloo Authority
Level 11, Tower 2, 1 Lawson Square

PO Box 3332 Redfern NSW 2016
Phone +612 9202 9100 Fax +612 9202 9111