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October 2009 - RWA Update – Text Version

October 2009 - RWA Update – Text Version / Redfern Waterloo the best in Sydney’s eyes / A message from our CEO / Family and Culture Days rockin’ at The Block / Redfern businesses need to network; Chamber / Pemulwuy gets the nod for The Block / Eye screening day sees to children and parents / Local Plug [NCIE] / Redfern Town Centre guidelines closer to public exhibition / Redfern Waterloo Business Advice Service / South Sydney Youth Services / Making our community safer / Professor Patrick Dodson dines at Yaama Dhiyaan / Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality Training / The Factory acknowledges community’s ‘unsung heroes’ / Award Winners / Want to be heard?

The PDF Version of this RWA Update can be downloaded from October 2009 RWA Update - PDF Version (1.1MB PDF) The text version is produced to allow stories to be easily searched and linked. The links to the articles are below: 

Redfern Waterloo the best in Sydney’s eyes

A message from our CEO

Family and Culture Days rockin’ at The Block

Redfern businesses need to network; Chamber

Pemulwuy gets the nod for The Block

Eye screening day sees to children and parents

Local Plug [NCIE]

Redfern Town Centre guidelines closer to public exhibition

Redfern Waterloo Business Advice Service

South Sydney Youth Services

Making our community safer

Professor Patrick Dodson dines at Yaama Dhiyaan

Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality Training

The Factory acknowledges community’s ‘unsung heroes’

Award Winners

Want to be heard?

Redfern Waterloo the best in Sydney’s eyes

Redfern Waterloo’s premier markets have been declared the best markets in Sydney after only seven months of operation. Earlier this month the Eveleigh Farmers’ Market won The Sydney Morning Herald 2010 Foodies Award for Best Markets in Sydney.

Eveleigh Markets Manager Ariana Aljinovic said it was an honour to receive the award, especially for the farmers and producers who are now attracting more than 3,000 visitors every Saturday morning.

“Ever since we started operating, community support for the Market has grown,” she said. “A few weeks ago we had more than 4,000 people walking through the door. It is no wonder considering the amazing range of produce on offer from more than 65 stallholders.”

Eveleigh Markets was judged the best on the criteria of ‘excellence of product, knowledge and understanding of what is stocked, attention to detail and engagement with business’. The award acknowledged Management’s undertaking of authenticity audits with stallholders on an ongoing basis to reassure product quality.

Minister for Redfern Waterloo, Kristina Keneally, said the award reinforced how impressive the markets had become. “I have spent many a Saturday morning at the markets with my family enjoying the produce, atmosphere and a Kangaroo pie from Yaama Dhiyaan,” she said.

Markets stallholder Jacqui Corrie from Egganic in Orange has been on board since the markets opened in February this year. She and her partner make the four hour trip each Saturday to sell fresh free-range eggs.

“We tested the water with Castle Hill (farmers’ markets),” Jacqui said. “The only problem being that it’s a monthly market and that’s why Eveleigh has been so fantastic for us, because we can bring down our eggs every week. We have been so caught up with Eveleigh that we haven’t had time for many other farmers’ markets.”

Jacqui said the venue also helps. “It is an all weather facility. And the CarriageWorks is great because they hold other functions and draw in new crowds. It’s not an island on its own,” she said.

Other produce to be found at the ‘rail-hail-shine’ venue at the CarriageWorks venue include lamb, beef and pork, in-season fruit and vegetables, honey, new season olive oils, artisan bread, shellfish, goats cheese and baked goods.

An upcoming date to record on the calendar is the Christmas Markets on 19th December. “This market will feature delicious Christmas produce,” Ariana said. “You can already place an order for your Christmas turkey.”

The Artisans’ Art and Craft Market continues to showcase the very best individually-designed local art, sculpture, design, ceramics, glass, craft and Indigenous artworks at the same CarriageWorks location on the first Sunday of every month.

The Eveleigh Markets opportunity was created by the $3 million refurbishment of the heritage Blacksmith’s Workshop at North Eveleigh Railyards undertaken by the NSW Government and the Redfern Waterloo Authority.

For more information about the Markets visit www.eveleighmarket.com.au  or phone Ariana Aljinovic on (02) 9209 4163.

A message from our CEO

I am delighted Redfern -Waterloo has received the recognition it deserves in the form of The Sydney Morning Herald best markets award for our Eveleigh Farmers’ Markets. This is a positive step for the community and finishes of what has been a positive year for the area.

The arrival of Channel 7 and more than 2,000 staff towards the start of 2010 marks another special event in the area’s future. The movement of Channel 7 and its partner companies is an enormous vote of confidence by these organisations in the future of Redfern-Waterloo.

Progress continues with the design of the upgrade of Redfern Railway Station, which will involve the Eveleigh Heritage Walk (pedestrian bridge). This is a complex project and we are working with RailCorp, planners and architects to achieve an optimal outcome for users of the station and surrounding areas.

More than 160 people have now graduated from Yaama Dhiyaan and the Koori Job Ready Course since 2006. The majority of these graduates have moved directly into employment or higher education. These are strong numbers and ones we will look to build on in 2010.

We will also look to build on levels of transparency and communication that we have made steps towards in 2009. Fundamental to our organisation is the community we serve and the opportunity for all stakeholders to be informed, have their say and be heard. This is the key for a vibrant RedfernWaterloo of the future.

Roy Wakelin-King 

Family and Culture Days rockin’ at The Block

Tribal Warrior’s Family and Culture Days on The Block continue to be a huge success among the community and extended family, featuring live artists, a bbq and rides for kids.

The latest end-of-the-month event in September celebrated Indigenous sport and literature at one of Australia’s most iconic Indigenous landmarks. The Black Turtles, Michael Donovan and others were on hand to ensure both white and black visitors enjoyed an ear-full of entertainment.

Tribal Warrior’s Shane Phillips said attendance levels were easily reaching over 200 people. “People are coming from all over the place. A lot of the families in the area are making it as well. It’s important for them to have ownership of it and be part of it.”

The days are drug and alcohol free, an important message to be sending out Shane Phillips said.

“It shows the community is doing something about the effects of drugs and alcohol for our children,” he said. “It’s about teaching Koori kids in the community what they can be, instead of being told what they are.”

Congratulations to the Redfern Waterloo Community Drug Action Team which secured funding of $10,000 through NSW Health to provide continued assistance to Tribal Warrior and the days which are held on the last Saturday of every month. For more information contact Tribal Warrior on (02) 9699 3491.

Photo: Kamikazi Dancers stood and delivered to a captivated crowd.

Redfern businesses need to network; Chamber

Redfern Chamber of Commerce’s President says networking events are the best way for finding out what’s happening in and around changing Redfern.

“With all the development that is occurring in Redfern it is very important businesses are aware of it and have an opportunity to be heard,” Chamber President Mary Lynne Pidcock said.

The Redfern Chamber has been holding networking events throughout the year hosted by various companies and organisations, including the Tudor Inn, Landcom, the City of Sydney and South Sydney Leagues.

The RWA hosted a networking night in June at the Australian Technology Park (ATP) where more than 50 businesses were represented, including the Aboriginal Housing Company, Taylors College and the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

“We had a great turnout,” Mary Lynne said. “The invitation was extended to the tenants of the ATP, so we had a large variety of companies represented.”

Roy Wakelin-King of the RWA spoke to the group about the activities being undertaken by the RWA and included a presentation of the SBS Living Black program’s report on the RWA’s Koori Job Ready Course from earlier in the year.

Listing the Channel 7 development at ATP where more than 2,000 people will work weekly, Mary Lynne said many local business owners are not aware of it and the potential for their businesses.

 “Our networking events are a really good opportunity to hear from people first-hand who are working with these projects everyday,” she said.

For more information about upcoming events contact RWCC President, Mary Lynne Pidcock on 0419 657 888 or email her through the www.rwchamber.com.au website.

Photo: Redfern Waterloo Chamber of Commerce President Mary Lynne Pidcock with Greg Colbran from DeiCorp (left) and Mick Mundine of the Aboriginal Housing Company (right).

Pemulwuy gets the nod for The Block

The Aboriginal Housing Company’s Pemulwuy Project Concept Plan for The Block was approved by the NSW Planning Minister Kristina Keneally in July.

The $60 million Project is set to deliver 62 residential apartments and 9,000 square metres of commercial use, shops and community and cultural space.

It could also deliver around 200 construction jobs and 100 ongoing positions.

“This is the first step in creating a modern, sustainable and accessible community,” Ms Keneally said. “It is an exciting step to know the historic site will become a sustainable and accessible residential and commercial precinct for the local community.”

The AHC’s CEO Mick Mundine said he was very pleased to have received approval for the Pemulwuy Project.

“It boils down to respect and respecting one another. And that’s what has been brought to The Block,” Mr Mundine said. “It’s been a long journey getting here, and it’s about bringing everybody together to make that journey a reality.”

The AHC is currently putting together a five year draft plan for development.

The South Sydney Herald are fundraising for Pemulwuy with a target of $5,000. Head to the website www.gofundraise.com.au/Pemulwuy to make a donation or contact the AHC directly on 9318 0177.

Eye screening day sees to children and parents

A successful eye screening day was held at the Alexandria Park Community School earlier in the year. More than 60 families benefited from a free eye screening service provided by Luxottica and the Benevolent Society.

“We set up a fun-filled day so families could attend and children and their parents could have their eyes screened,” the Benevolent Society’s Henrietta Foulds said.

Almost every family had at least one member that required a further follow-up. Optometrists there on the day had taken a day off their annual leave to provide the service.

Henrietta said the children that needed spectacles and further testing were provided with both free of charge.

“We would hope to repeat the day again,” Henrietta said. “The service has a real direct health outcome. These are kids and parents that would have not been picked up in the usual medical channels.”

Barnados, SDN Brighter Futures, the Factory Community Centre and the Benevolent Society spread the word around the community for the day.

The RWA were delighted to be able to support the event by providing a BBQ lunch and a jumping castle for the children to enjoy whilst they waited to be screened.

Photo: Eye screening in action with one of the volunteer optometrists. 

Local Plug [NCIE]

Connecting Community

The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence is opening in November 2009 and is currently offering early membership packages to this premier sporting facility. The membership packages include no start-up fees, consultation and training, an NCIE Bag and water bottle and the chance to win a 40 inch Samsung LCD TV.

For more information call the NCIE on 1300 866 761 or walk into their sales office at 88 Pitt Street, Redfern.

Redfern Town Centre guidelines closer to public exhibition

Much of the ground work for the design of a Redfern Town Centre around Redfern Railway Station has been undertaken by the RWA in consultation with the Ministerial Committee comprising community members.

A final draft of the proposed Town Centre Guidelines is expected late October, with a public exhibition to take place towards the end of the year.

The Town Centre is envisaged to provide activity and a focus for jobs, housing, transport and importantly a meeting place for residents and workers. The key focus for the RWA is the delivery of:

  • An integrated urban design framework promoting connectivity between the station, bus stops, key employment and residential hubs as well as Redfern Street,
  • High quality urban design and architecture in the built form within and around the Town Centre,
  • A safe, secure and attractive public domain,
  • A high level of activity and vibrancy, and
  • A clearly defined and thriving Town Centre, that is functional and meets the aspirations of existing and future residents and workers.

Back in June members of the Built Environment Ministerial Advisory Committee and other community members took part in a workshop to discuss plans for the Town Centre.

“It’s been useful to be involved in the process and to have community input into the early stage of the process,” Geoff Turnbull, a member of the Advisory Committee said.

The RWA lodged an amendment to the height of buildings in the Redfern Town Centre SEPP that was gazetted 25th September 2009. This amendment reduced the podium heights around the buildings.

To view the amended map head to www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/mapindex?type=epi&year=2005&no=194 or for more information email redfernwaterloo@rwa.nsw.gov.au.

Illustration: The recent SEPP amendment means that podiums around the two main town centre buildings (featured), have been reduced in height to 2 and 3 storeys.

Redfern Waterloo Business Advice Service

Are you starting a new business or growing an existing business?


Confidential professional advice

BOOKINGS: Redfern-Waterloo Authority Ph: 02 9202 9100

South Sydney Youth Services

Back in 1975 drug problems on the street spurred on mothers to start up their own service to help teenagers in need. More than 30 years later this organisation is still helping.

“ I think the amount of drug use in the community has reduced dramatically since that time,” South Sydney Youth Services Director Shane Brown said. “Heroin has particularly reduced in the last ten years. I think children are safer than they were.”

Shane Brown would know. He has been working with South Sydney Youth Services for the past 23 years helping kids, youths and families on the street and in crisis. Today the SSYS works with 800 people a year on primarily housing, mental health and educational and training issues.

“We work with a lot of young people who have missed out on getting training and unemployment,” Shane said. “Our relationship with the RWA has allowed us to direct kids to training courses like Yaama Dhiyaan and the Koori Job Ready Course.”

“We just had one young lady, Shantell Kemble who we referred to a Yaama Dhiyaan program. She had spent a year-and-a-half doing nothing at all. After graduating she found a job as a barista in the city. She has found a real boost in self-confidence.”

Around 68% of the people using the non-government organisation service are indigenous.

Four counselors, two clinical psychologists, education workers and a number of youth workers are on hand. The organisation is however relocating to 104 Erskineville Road, Erskineville on 2 November for one year, while Council renovates their current premise at Waterloo Oval.

Head to their website www.ssys.org.au or call them on (02) 9318 0539 for more information.

Photo: Yaama graduate Shantell Kemble with SSYS support worker Mardi Angelopolos.

Making our community safer

Redfern Police have been hard at work improving safety levels in their local area command and have achieved significant reductions in the level of crime.

House break-ins have significantly reduced in all areas with an increased presence of uniformed and undercover police and the targeting of known offenders. Police are also happy to report little disturbance from groups of people or associated violence in Redfern.

On prevention, a youth program in the area has been implemented aimed at reducing crime activity, such as robbery offences, by young people. This is a coordinated program that involves police, families of young people, community leaders and other government agencies.

The stamp-down on illegal drugs continues with ongoing drug-related operations, including sniffer dogs, being used to identify and combat drug use and behaviour.

In a show of appreciation of Police efforts, the Babana Aboriginal Men’s Group handed out fliers on crime and safety issues in the area.

Superintendent Luke Freudenstein heads up the Redfern Local Area Command that takes in the suburbs of Redfern, Waterloo, Chippendale, Alexandria. Redfern Police can be reached on (02) 8303 5199.

Professor Patrick Dodson dines at Yaama Dhiyaan

Esteemed Aboriginal leader Professor Patrick Dodson visited the RWA’s Aboriginal training facilities on his recent visit to Sydney.

Professor Dodson was acting in his role as the Director of Indigenous Policy and the Dialogue Research Unit at the University of NSW.

The Yawuru man from Broome was initially given a tour of both the Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality and Training Centre and the Les Tobler Construction Centre where the Koori Job Ready Course is run.

Aboriginal Elder Aunty Beryl Van Oploo, who teaches the course at Yaama Dhiyaan, told Professor Dodson how her dream to be able to provide Aboriginal people with skills to work in hospitality has now become a wonderful reality.

The head teacher of the Koori Job Ready Course, Ryan Jackson also proudly showed Professor Dodson through the Construction Centre that has filled 257 construction jobs with graduates from the course, with another 240 positions to be filled over the next two years.

Following the tour, the former Director of the Central Land Council and Kimberly Land Council dined on a menu specially prepared by Yaama Dhiyaan’s young Aboriginal chef Mathew Cribb. Dishes included crocodile ravioli, macadamia and wild thyme crusted emu fillet, baked chocolate and wattle seed pots served with double cream.

Professor Dodson remarked that he would like to see the initiatives of Yaama Dhiyaan and the Koori Job Ready Course offered Australia-wide, particularly in his hometown of Broome in Western Australia.

Professor Dodson is a former Royal Commissioner into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody and for six years was the Chairman of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation.

Photo: Professor Dodson joined by head Yaama Aboriginal chef Mathew Cribb and Aunty Beryl Van-Oploo.

Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality Training

Looking to work in hospitality?

Love working with food and want to make a career of it?

Yaama Dhiyaan is Australia’s first and only hospitality college specialising in Indigenous culture and cuisine. We offer accredited Certificate II training in Hospitality (Operations) with a focus on gaining employment in the hospitality industry.

The course is run at Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality Training & Function Centre, 255 Wilson Street, Darlington.

For enquiries about the course or to register your interest for future courses, contact Andrew Constantinidis, at the Redfern Waterloo Authority by phone (02) 9202 9100 or email andrew.constantinidis@rwa.nsw.gov.au


Call Now - (02) 9202 9100

The Factory acknowledges community’s ‘unsung heroes’

More than 70 local ‘unsung heroes’ were acknowledged for their volunteer efforts in the community at the Factory Community Centre towards the middle of the year.

Twenty awards were allotted to groups such as REdWatch, the Food Distribution Network, the South Sydney Herald and the Redfern Legal Centre. Individual awards acknowledged members of the Waterloo Recycling Workshop in Phillip Street, Family day on the Block organisers and key event managers.

“The people collecting these awards are genuine unsung heroes in the community,” the Factory’s Mike Shreenan said. “It’s impossible to properly measure the huge positive impact of the work they do but I’m quite sure we would be a lot worse off without them.”

This was the Factory’s third annual Volunteers Awards ceremony. Mike Shreenan is the man who started the initiative three years ago.

“There are a few awards at the national level,” Mike said. “But the volume of volunteering in the Redfern Waterloo area is phenomenal.”

“People say there is a lot of apathy in area, but the level of volunteers contradicts this. These awards are a way of showing people that residents in the area are making a real contribution,” Mike said.

Meghan Hibbert, the Area Director for the inner city from Housing NSW, joined the RWA’s Roy Wakelin-King in presenting the awards.

For details of other volunteering opportunities or how you could become involved in local projects please contact one of your local community or neighbourhood centres that include The Factory Community Centre (www.thefactory.org.au, 9698 9569), South Sydney Community Aid’s Multicultural Neighbourhood Centre (9319 4073), The Settlement (9698 3087) and Redfern Community Centre (9288 5713).

Photo: The Factory’s Mike Shreenan with the mic and Meghan Hibbert from Housing NSW.

Award Winners

Over 24 community groups and 52 individuals received an award at the event as a small token of appreciation of their efforts and contribution to community life. Group’s which received the reward and represent a large number of other volunteers include:

  • Food Distribution network South Sydney Herald
  • REDWatch
  • South Sydney Seniors (Blindes)
  • Cana Café
  • Redfern Neighbourhood Advisory Board
  • Waterloo Neighbourhood Actions Groups
  • South Sydney Multicultural Neighbourhood Centre
  • Waterloo South West Precinct Group
  • Redfern Babana Men’s Group
  • Redfern and Waterloo Chamber of Commerce group
  • Redfern Legal Centre – Group Award
  • Multicultural Cooking Group Spanish Care
  • Jewish Care Russian Group
  • Solander Landscape Project Team
  • Redwaternews Team
  • Hillsong Street Team
  • Squat Space
  • Cycle Re-Cycle Club and Waterloo Recycling Workshop
  • Redfern Oral history
  • Deadly Tails Project

Want to be heard?

For more information or to send us your feedback please contact the Redfern Waterloo Authority, Level 11, Tower 2, 1 Lawson Square, Redfern

Tel: (02) 9202 9100 Fax: (02) 9202 9111 Mail: PO Box 3332, Redfern NSW 2016 Email: redfernwaterloo@rwa.nsw.gov.au Internet: www.redfernwaterloo.com.au