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BikeSydney Submission regarding The North Eveleigh Concept Plan

This submission provides comment from BikeSydney on the North Eveleigh Concept Plan.
About Bike Sydney

Formed in 2000, BikeSydney works to create a safer, more liveable city, by supporting the increased use of bicycles for transport and recreation.  We have over 250 members who live and/or work within the City of Sydney.

BikeSydney is affiliated with Bicycle NSW, whose mission is to “promote, advocate, and support cycling in all its forms as an environmentally sustainable and healthy form of transport, recreation and tourism through the engagement of government, industry and the community at all levels”.

Cycling is a highly sustainable form of mobility, that reduces energy use, noise generation and air pollution, as well as providing significant health benefits to the community.

The North Eveleigh Context

The proposed redevelopment of the North Eveleigh site is of great interest to BikeSydney, as it is proximate to a significant cycle route – Wilson Street, which provides a linkage between the Sydney CBD and the inner western suburbs, as well as access to the University of Sydney, the Australian Technology Park, Redfern-Waterloo and the eastern suburbs.

With relatively low levels of vehicular movement, Wilson Street provides a safe cycling alternative to streets such as King Street, which is narrow and heavily congested.  At either end of Wilson Street, there have been recent improvements to cycling infrastructure, including a dedicated contra-flow lane connecting to Newtown Station, and upgrades to Redfern Street and parallel laneways.

Redevelopment of the North Eveleigh site has the potential to significantly increase traffic movements along, and across, Wilson Street.  This will impact upon the safety and amenity of cyclists using this important cycle route.

North Eveleigh Concept Plan

Representatives of BikeSydney have reviewed the documentation for the proposed North Eveleigh redevelopment, especially:

  • Concept Plan and Environmental Assessment
  • Appendix C: Landscape Masterplan
  • Appendix H: Traffic and Transport Impact Assessment

These documents provide information on the proposed redevelopment's impact on cycling in the area.

Generally, BikeSydney supports development that is focused on existing public transport and cycling infrastructure, as this encourages the greater use of more sustainable modes of transport. 

Two of the key objectives of the Concept Plan (Part 1.2) are the:

  • provision of legible access to and through the site, an interconnected street network, and a high reliance on public transport
  • attainment of sustainable development principles through building design and maximum use of public transport

While the North Eveleigh site provides a very strong basis for sustainable transport (being close to rail, bus and cycle routes), we believe that the Concept Plan does not adequately illustrate how the two objectives stated are to be met.

Further comment is provided below:

Excessive Parking Provision

The Concept Plan envisages approximately 1200 dwellings (2400 residents) and 3270 jobs on the site, as well retail and cultural uses.  To service these uses, almost 2000 parking spaces will be provided – this figure is based on the maximum rates outlined in Council guidelines.

We believe that this provision of parking is excessive, especially considering the site's location adjacent to Redfern Station, a well-serviced CityRail station.  Additionally, the surrounding area is characterised by very low car ownership, and high rates of walking and cycling. 

The most effective way to encourage use of public transport (a key objective of the Plan) is to limit the amount of parking provided onsite, in conjunction with enhanced linkages to existing public transport and cycle infrastructure.  Reduced traffic movements to the site will also reduce potential conflict with pedestrian and cyclist movements.


  • Significantly reduce parking provision on the site, especially for commercial and cultural components

Inconsistent Application of Parking Rates It appears that the Concept Plan inconsistently applies Council's parking guidelines to different uses on the site.  Commercial parking rates are based on South Sydney DCP 11 (which are more generous that the City of Sydney LEP rates), while residential rates are based on the City LEP (which allows a greater number of spaces than the South Sydney DCP).

Using the residential rates in the City of Sydney LEP, a total of 1279 parking spaces is proposed.  By applying the rates contained within South Sydney DCP 11 (and thus, providing consistency across the different uses on the site) , this number would decrease to 930.   We believe that this is a more reasonable rate of parking, that helps to reduce the impact of traffic movements and car storage.


  • Clarify rationale for parking rates
  • Provide residential spaces in accordance with South Sydney DCP 11

Bicycle Parking Rates

Given the detailed analysis of car parking rates, it is surprising that bicycle parking is only mentioned once throughout the documentation reviewed - a vague recommendation that it be provided on the site.

The South Sydney DCP 11 recommends that bicycle parking be provided at the following rates: Residential – 1 space per 3 dwellings = 1200/3 = 400 spaces Commercial – 1 space per 20 staff = 3270/20 = 164 spaces


  • A commitment be given to providing bicycle parking at the suggested rate, meaning a minimum of 564 racks, lockers or stands be provided across the site
  • Further details including location and style of parking be provided

General Lack of Detail

The Concept Plan and supporting documents refer often to the benefits of cycling, especially in reducing impact on pedestrians, and in making the public domain safer.  For example, Section 4.3.10 states that the Concept Plan will “encourage safe pedestrian and cycle movements through the site”.

BikeSydney supports the general principle of encouraging and supporting the safe and convenient movement of cyclists in and around the site.  However, the Concept Plan lacks any detail of how this will be achieved.  The Concept Plan refers to “shared spaces”, “key locations', “linkages” and “conflict points” without clearly identifying their location and configuration.

Given the detailed description, design and appraisal of traffic movements (including intersections, additional turning lanes, etc) , further detail should be provided on the proposed cycle network in and around the site.  It will be too easy for vague 'commitments' to be forgotten as the redevelopment of the site occurs.


  • Provide clear plan of cycle routes through the site, and entry points from Wilson Street (are they combined with vehicular entries?)
  • On typical street plan/section, indicate how space for cyclists will be delineated
  • Illustrate the design of intersections (especially on Wilson Street) to show how conflict between cars and cyclists will be managed
  • Describe the potential impacts of changes to traffic conditions on cyclists – for example, how will the new intersection design on Wilson Street impact on travel times for cyclists?
  • Provide further detail on proposed vehicular speed limits within the site


The North Eveleigh site provides the opportunity for a highly sustainable development, incorporating a mix of uses in a location that has significant heritage character, important cultural and social elements, and is in close proximity to existing transport infrastructure.  Cycling plays an important role in achieving this objective, as it provides a convenient, safe and sustainable means of transportation.  Further, the North Eveleigh site is located within an area that is characterised by high levels of bicycle use, and adjacent to an important cycle route through Sydney.

The proposed Concept Plan has the potential for significant impact on the surrounding cycle network, particularly through increased car movements.

BikeSydney believe that the this should be addressed primarily through reducing the number of car parking spaces on site.  In addition, further detail needs to be provided on the bicycle infrastructure within the Plan, including bicycle routes, specific points of access, relationships to car movements and bicycle parking.

We appreciate this opportunity to comment on the North Eveleigh redevelopment. Representatives from BikeSydney would be happy to consult with the Redfern-Waterloo Authority regarding this development on any other cycling related issues.


Andrew Dodds