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Media Articles on Redfern Waterloo

This is a selection of major news items about Redfern Waterloo from various media outlets. The AHC also has a good selection of the stories about the Block in their media news section at You can get up to date news by setting up a Google News alert at News Alerts will not pick up local media and some mainstream media stories which do not appear on a news website, where possible we put these stories on our website to provide wide access to the stories.
Tired of lives ending in loneliness
WHEN one more elderly person in his care died a lonely death, the community health worker Bridge Andrews was saddened that yet another story had gone untold, wisdom taken to the grave. It was time to act. Andrews approached City of Sydney Council and secured funds to make a film about some of the elderly residents in the Redfern-Waterloo area reports Clare Morgan Sydney Morning Herald Arts Editor in the SMH of 4 September 2009.
Commencement of Balfour Park Works
As you may be aware, Frasers Property Australia, as part of the development of the old Carlton United Brewery site, is committed providing the community several parks, both on site and in the vicinity of the site. We are pleased to announce that works for the Balfour Street Park, at the conjunction of Balfour Street and O'Connor Street, are due to commence shortly reports this media release from Frasers Property on 4 September 2009.
Young talent brightens the night life
It’s a wintery Tuesday night in Kings Cross and on the emptied dance floor of nightclub Candy’s Apartment 30 young men and women are getting a pep talk on the dangers of drugs. Far from addicts or delinquents, these talented and hopeful musicians are copping a lesson about what is expected of them as resident DJs of one of Sydney’s most popular clubs reports Angus Thompson in City News of 3 September 2009.
Central Readers Respong on Redfern Story
The following letters have been either published in Central or on line in response to the Central's article of 26 August 2009 about the future of Redfern.
New cab zones in Sydney CBD including Baptist Street
Hailing a cab will now be easier with new taxi zones and extra one-minute pick up and drop off areas in No Stopping zones around the city reports Central on 2 September 2009.
Waterloo doco keeps it real
Everybody is invited to the screening of a half-hour film about four elderly residents of Waterloo public housing estate reports Central 0n 2 September 2009.
Bush wallabies in Redfern?
Who could imagine Redfern as a place of swamps, creeks, stands of eucalypts and swamp mahogany, alive with ducks, brolgas and bush wallabies? Or as a place of extensive market gardens whose produce was “unrivalled in excellence”? Or as the hub of such intensive industry that three quarters of Sydney’s industrial workforce laboured within a one-mile radius of Redfern Station? Geraldine O’Brien reports in the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
Redfern’s future prospects
A stroll along Redfern Street late in the afternoon belies the fact that this centre of the old iconic suburb whose name it bears is only a stone’s throw from the CBD of one of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing cities reports Pam Dagwell in the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
Running in the footsteps of Pemulwuy
South Sydney Herald editors, Andrew Collis and Trevor Davies, are putting their bodies on the line when they participate in the 2009 Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival this month (on September 20) reports Brendan Wong in the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
Redefining Redfern RSL
The Redfern Returned Servicemen’s League Board is in the final stages of negotiating plans with developers for the RSL site’s new upgrades. While there are reportedly a few options, it appears the land will be bought by design and construction company, Dei Corp, who has entered into a contract with the RSL to purchase the land reports Robert Morrison in the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
Getting to know Roy Wakelin-King
We stand at the windows of Roy Wakelin-King’s office and there is no doubt that he, like us, loves the view – Redfern stretching out towards the city. In fact, one of the strongest impressions which runs through our conversation with him is that he truly enjoys his work and his interactions with the community around him reports Dorothy McRae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
Abercrombie, the forgotten street
Since the SSH article on Abercrombie Street Darlington in May, Councillor John McInerney has responded with a promise of some work in the area reports the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
Uni music will disturb peace, say Darlo locals
A recent Development Application to allow Union Square and parts of levels one and two of the Jane Foss Russel Building on City Road to become a place of entertainment throughout the week and on weekends is under review by Sydney City Council. Public exhibition ceased in July this year, but neighbours of Sydney University remain adamant that their voices be heard before they are drowned out by live music and other student activities reports Nicholas McCallum in the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
“We are one!” - Waterloo Recycling Workshop
Diana Bateup collects items of furniture from streets in the South Sydney area – tables, stereo cabinets, chairs. Russell Walker works with nails, glue and paint to repair and restore furniture that is then made available for sale at very reasonable prices each Friday from 9.00am to 12pm in the lower car park of the Turanga high-rise in Phillip Street (across the road from the Salvation Army). Diana and Russell are two of the many volunteers involved with the Waterloo Recycling Workshop (WRW). On August 14 the WRW celebrated its first year in business at the Phillip Street location reports Andrew Collis in the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
The Fast News - Compiled by Trevor Davies
Trevor Davies in Have You Heard – The Fast News in the South Sydney Herald of September 2009 has reported on a couple of Redfern Waterloo items which we have extracted below:
Respect for our elders
Community groups in Waterloo invite all to the inaugural Older and Wiser Festival, celebrating age and diversity within Redfern and Waterloo. A program of multicultural activities will be presented. Various groups will share their heritage and stories, in celebration of older people’s contributions to community life reports the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
Community consultation, the State Government way
I saw an advertisement for a State Government Community Cabinet in the local paper and rang the number. I was given a 15-minute timeslot for a one-on-one meeting with the Minister of my choice. I turned up at the appointed time. I located the person that I had spoken to on the phone and had my name checked on the list. So far, so good reports Ross Smith in the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
Big heart for The Big Issue
It is a sun-drenched Wednesday morning and the grounds of Sydney University are flooded with students, spilling en masse out of lecture theatres and into the cluttered streetscape. In the midst of the bustle, sitting patiently beside a small trolley packed with glossy printed paper, is a man clad in a floppy wide-brim hat and bright yellow vest reports Laura Bannister in the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
Not an experience easily described
Young Sydney artist, Hayley Megan French, presents a series of paintings investigating the material, compositional and conceptual possibilities of Contemporary Abstract painting reports Eve Gibson and Andrew Collis in the South Sydney Herald of September 2009.
Hopes for 100,000 jobs on new indigenous site
AUSTRALIA's first indigenous jobs website will be launched by the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce on Monday reports Erik Jensen in the Sydney Morning Herald of 29 August 2009.
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