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Train station CCTV to reduce terrorism threat

Sydney's busiest train stations will have cameras installed that can recognise faces, in an attempt to curb terrorist threats reports ABC News October 1 2006.

The State Government will be installing 275 closed circuit television (CCTV) networks with high-resolution cameras.

Train stations in the CBD, Redfern, north Sydney and eastern suburbs lines will receive the new equipment.

There will also be plasma screens installed at stations to give the public an opportunity to watch what is being recorded.

Transport Minister John Watkins says the cameras are modelled on those used successfully in the London underground and are an extra layer of protection.

"These new high-resolution cameras produce clearer, close-up images of key access points, like barrier gates, and they will be at our busiest stations," he said.

"They will enable full-facial image recognition so that means it links into the police facial recognition software database."