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The Luncheon Club in Waterloo supports an Afghanistan orphanage

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries on earth with the highest proportion of orphans and widows in the world writes Trevor Davies in the November South Sydney Herald’s Have you heard?

After decades of turmoil and conflict, the challenges remain formidable. Health statistics are harrowing; poverty and insecurity are deeply entrenched. Half the children in Afghanistan still do not go to school and the literacy rate today is one of the lowest among developing countries.

Mahboba's Promise is an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping the women and children of Afghanistan. See website 

There is currently a group of 21 women in Brisbane knitting various items for the children but they have run out of wool. Local HIV/AIDS Charity, the Luncheon Club, operating from the Gordon Ibbett Activity Centre Kellick Street Waterloo, would also like to start up a knitting group, but again, they too are in need of wool. 

If you have any wool or know of anyone who might be able to supply wool, please contact Carole Ann King (02) 8399 3220 or email . They can also arrange pick up. Finished product would be a wonderful Christmas present for the children at Hope House Kabul.

Source: South Sydney Herald November 2007