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Plibersek’s increased margin, responsibilities

Increasing her commanding margin in the Sydney electorate to an unassailable 25 per cent, Tanya Plibersek is set to lead the nation as Federal Minister for Housing reports Ben Falkenmire in the December 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.

By the time the SSH goes to print her position will have been confirmed.

“There are a whole lot of areas I am interested in, but obviously enacting the policies I have developed in housing would be a terrific challenge,’’ said Ms Plibersek who acted as Shadow Minister for Housing, Women and Youth and Human Services.

The Slovenia descendent will celebrate her tenth year as the federal Labor member for Sydney in 2008 after winning 67.4 per cent to 32.6 per cent over Liberal candidate Georgina Anderson, a swing of 2.65 per cent to Ms Plibersek.

The Liberal party secured 26.2 per cent of the primary, more than four per cent ahead of Jenny Leong of the Greens who roped in 21.2 per cent.

Jenny’s primary, a 0.4 per cent swing against her 2004 result, will be disappointing for the Greens given the prominent role climate change played in the election build up.

Ms Plibersek acknowledges it was one of the major campaign issues. “I think the biggest factors were Work Choices, climate change and education,’’ she told the SSH.

Ms Plibersek appeared on Channel 7’s election broadcast alongside Joe Hockey of the Liberals. When the result became increasingly clear, Ms Plibersek is reported to have been sympathetic and consoling towards an emotional Mr Hockey.

As the Rudd Government finds its feet with new ministers and cabinet, Ms Plibersek listed climate change, education and IR as immediate national priorities, and affordable housing, childcare, a $50 million cancer centre near the Royal Prince Alfred and a dental program as key local priorities.

Source: South Sydney Herald December 2007