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Rabbitohs can't always rely on me: Crowe

South Sydney owner Russell Crowe has indicated he won't continue to be the Rabbitohs' cash cow, saying the time has arrived for the NRL club to stand on its own feet reports AAP in the Age of December 15, 2008.

In a video Christmas message to South Sydney members and fans, the actor said the club needed to more than double its current membership to be an ongoing success.

"Next week someone will have to find a couple of hundred grand for gym equipment, 50 or 60 (thousand) more for interior design fitout costs at Redfern (Oval), individually named lockers, ice baths built in," Crowe said.

"Don't worry about the bill - between generous sponsors and myself we'll get it done this time but I will tell you this though - I won't continue to put the type of cash I've had to into Souths forever.

"The business has to begin to stand on its own feet. And to be quite sure that is not an emotional issue for me. It is what it is."

He said Souths needed to have a membership base of 15,000 - it currently stands at less than 6,000.

"You need to do your part," he told members and fans in the message.

"You need to put your shoulder to the wheel as well and spend some time on the grindstone with us.

"We are making diamonds from coal here, we are bringing Souths out of the dark and into the light - slowly but surely. This diamond will shine."

Crowe and businessman Peter Holmes a Court bought a 75 per cent stake in the NRL club for $3 million in 2006.