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News articles concerning Redfern Waterloo from various sources. Click on the headlines below for more details.
Sam Mostyn Joins Board of Reconciliation Australia
The Co-Chairs of Reconciliation Australia (RA), Jackie Huggins and Mark Leibler on 1 February 2007 announced the appointment of Sam Mostyn to the Board. Ms Mostyn replaces Campbell Anderson who has been a Director of Reconciliation Australia since its inception in 2001 reports a Reconciliation Australia Media Statement.
Local Government Seeks Election Commitments on Planning
NSW councils will press candidates standing for the 2007 State election to support a number of reforms to significantly improve the transparency and accountability of the current planning system in NSW. The changes would also streamline working arrangements between State and Local Government reports a media statement on 1st February 2007 from the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW.
Independent Planning Commission Called for by Local Government
The Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW today called on the State Government to establish an independent planning commission to make recommendations on major developments and state significant sites which are currently determined after intervention by the Minister for Planning reports a media statement on 1st February 2007 from the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW.
Anthony Mundine Attacks Howard, Union Jack In Rap Video
Footballer-turned-boxer-turned-rapper Anthony Mundine burns a photo of Prime Minister John Howard as well as the Union Jack in his first music video reports Daniel Zugna on undercover on January 31 2007.
The shuttle to keep Redfern locals on the move
Central of 31st January 2007 reports on the new Redfern to Glebe shuttle bus.
Football lands in Redfern
This year Police and Community Youth Clubs NSW will establish for the first time a new PCYC Football Club based at Redfern. With the aim of re-establishing pathways for children and young people in through sports, PCYC has in the last two years built the largest network of futsal (indoor soccer) competitions across New South Wales. In 2007, PCYC is trying its hand at outdoor football reports the Central of 31st January 2007.
Private school for Aborigines suffers Redfern setback
A PROPOSAL to launch a private school for Aboriginal children on the Block in the heart of Redfern has sparked widespread community debate, delaying its opening reports Hannah Edwards Education Reporter in the Sun-Herald February 4, 2007.
Police presence in classrooms
ARMED police have been brought into NSW schools to reduce crime rates and educate students reports Hannah Edwards Education Reporter in the Sun-Herald February 4, 2007.
Schools tell kids: sorry, we're full
PUBLIC schools are turning away students because they have run out of classroom space and do not want to fill their playgrounds with demountables reports Hannah Edwards Sun-Herald Education Reporter February 4, 2007.
Sun Herald Editorial - Why our education system is fraying at edges
[This is the text of the Sun-Herald – Our View (Editorial) of February 4 2007. The article commented on a number of education stories which appeared in Sun-Herald on that day. Specific comment is made in the article referring to opposition to the proposed St Andrew’s Redfern campus – REDWatch]
Aboriginal troops recognised
It was last year that, for the first time ever, some members of the local Aboriginal community had a special service to commemorate their community’s involvement in the many wars Australian troops have fought in writes Trevor Davies in the South Sydney Herald February 2007 Have You Heard Column.
Has Sartor saved Redfern’s heritage?
It’s often said that the Government (especially the Minister for Redfern Waterloo, Frank Sartor) doesn’t listen to comments from community members regarding their plans writes Trevor Davies in the South Sydney Herald February 2007 Have You Heard Column.
The Eveleigh Rail-yards: Community, not business!
The Greens are campaigning hard, even though the odds are against them writes Trevor Davies in the South Sydney Herald February 2007 Have You Heard Column.
Good news from the RWA
As the Redfern Waterloo Authority is the consent authority for a sizable part of Redfern I’m happy to see that it did the right thing in relation to one of the more contentious DAs which it has had to handle in its short life writes Trevor Davies in the South Sydney Herald February 2007 Have You Heard Column.
Accommodation for aged reopens in Alexandria
A large provider of aged-care facilities in the Sydney region has bought and plans to re-open Rotary Court, a self-care residential facility in Alexandria that closed down in 2005 writes Reem Algharabali in the South Sydney Herald February 2007.
Newtown’s Bike Club, a two-wheeled success story
Newtown is now host to a thriving bike project where locals and bike enthusiasts get together to repair bikes and socialise in a warm community environment writes Alex Serpo in the South Sydney Herald February 2007.
Supporting the Redfern Gym - Sponsorships for young people
The famous Elouera (Tony Mundine) Gym on the Block was established in 1985 in the heart of Redfern. It opened originally with a vision of providing youth in the area an alternative life-style reports the South Sydney Herald February 2007.
Now showing in Darlington
The brand new centre for performing arts is accessed down wide concrete stairs from Wilson Street, Darlington writes Peter Whitehead in the South Sydney Herald February 2007.
Political Profile: Incumbent Keneally batting for Heffron
Current Labor member for Heffron, Kristina Keneally, is in the last months of her first term and can list the electoral wounds she has had to lick writes Ben Falkenmire in the South Sydney Herald February 2007.
Yaama Dhinawan finally open for business
Late last year, the first students to complete a new Indigenous Food Training course at Redfern were awarded their graduation certificates by Education Minister Carmel Tebbutt reports the South Sydney Herald February 2007.
Block proposal divides community
Residents are concerned about a private school’s proposed Indigenous campus at the Block. St Andrew’s Cathedral School wants to begin its new campus in part of the Redfern Community Centre as a temporary measure. It would cater for up to 25 students from kindergarten to year six, while the school looks for permanent premises writes Samantha Van in the South Sydney Herald February 2007.
Great move by the City Council
Former Premier Carr gave as a reason for the merger of South Sydney Council and City of Sydney Council that the surplus of the city could be used to make life easier for Redfern Waterloo residents writes Trevor Davies in the South Sydney Herald February 2007 Have You Heard Column.
Former Police Commander for Woman of the Year
During the last days in her role as Commander of Redfern Police, Catherine Burn was given a very affirming moment. Three people nominated her as NSW Woman of the Year. The first two were obviously gratifying – Police Minister John Watkins and Member for Heffron Kristina Keneally writes Dorothy McRae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald February 2007.
Redfern lock-down
On Saturday 20 January I got home about 7pm. I was planning to go to a party in Edwards St but instead I fell asleep watching The Bill and woke up to the sound of helicopters – not unusual in Redfern. So I went off to bed, only to be woken by text messages about 3am and 4am from friends wanting to know if I knew what was happening writes Trevor Davies in the South Sydney Herald February 2007.
Residents speak out against proposed changes to Community Development Employment Program
The Federal Government’s proposed changes to the Community Development Employment Program brought Redfern residents out in their numbers to speak out at the Redfern Community Centre in mid-December writes Brenden Hills in the South Sydney Herald February 2007.
Labor be warned
JOURNALIST Andrew West's insightful biography of former NSW premier Bob Carr is being remaindered by booksellers Angus & Robertson for $4.99 writes Piers Akerman in The Daily Telegraph of February 08, 2007.
Coalition to give councils more power
THE NSW Opposition plans to dramatically curtail the state's powers to take over planning approval of large developments and return them to councils if it wins government next month reports Anne Davies the Sydney Morning Heralds State Political Editor on February 10, 2007.
Dirty tactics - Govt sneaks through Fosters Plans for the Carlton United Brewery Site
On the eve of a public rally tomorrow demanding better planning outcomes, the Iemma Government today sold out the Chippendale community by pushing through Fosters plans for the redevelopment of the Carlton United Brewery site reports the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups.
Go-ahead for $3.2bn city overhauls
PLANS for a major redevelopment of two key Sydney CBD sites have been approved, the State Government announced yesterday reports Hannah Edwards in the Sun Herald 11th February 2007.
Matron Gardens Mosaic Project
The Housing Communities Assistance Program (HCAP) at the Factory Community Centre, working with other agencies under the Time 2 Act banner, had secured grant funding from the City of Sydney to deliver a community mosaic project. The project will encourage young people to participate in the care of the Waterloo Green area and surrounding areas through the creation of an artist-led community mural.
Photo Voice Project
The Housing Communities Assistance Program (HCAP) at the Factory Community Centre, working with other agencies under the Time 2 Act banner, is re-launching this year a Photo Voice Project on the 31st January at 11am and fortnightly thereafter. The project is an opportunity for residents of Waterloo and Redfern a chance to raise their concerns and ideas about living and improving community life through the use of photography.
Libs urge 'open' development planning
The NSW opposition has called for more transparency in the state's development planning process reports AAP on February 11, 2007.
Despite Frank objections, Debnam stays silent on ban
THE NSW Opposition yesterday pledged to establish an independent review of political donations and campaign expenditure for state and local government elections in NSW writes Anne Davies State Political Editor with Sunanda Creagh in the Sydney Morning Herald of February 12, 2007.
Supporting Redfern/Waterloo Communities
I have written to the Minister for Redfern-Waterloo to raise concerns about the Redfern-Waterloo Authority's (RWA) plans to develop new "One Stop Shop" service providers that could duplicate the role and services of existing neighbourhood, community and youth centres writes Clover Moore in CLOVER'S eNEWS - Friday 16 February 2007 - No. 334.
Indigenous city housing scrapped
PUBLIC housing for Aborigines in cities will be scrapped under a radical Howard government proposal to be put to cabinet reports Patricia Karvelas in the Australian of February 22, 2007.
Let Sydney grow or lose $6b: developers
DEVELOPERS have fired a shot at conservationists as the state election approaches, warning that NSW stands to lose $6.6 billion worth of investment over the next term of government if Sydney is not allowed to grow reports Catharine Munro and Sunanda Creagh in the Sydney Morning Herald of February 26, 2007.
The City of Sydney today officially gave the ‘thumbs-up’ to begin moving to tender for the new urban renewal area at Green Square, which is set to become Australia’s newest vibrant, dynamic and sustainable urban centre — an eco-village reports a media release from the Lord Mayor Clover Moore on 23 February 2007.
Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP has called on the State Government and the Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) to guarantee that more than $1.8 billion worth of expected development will include provision for essential community facilities and open space reports a media release from the Lord Mayor Clover Moore on 19 February 2007.
Greens reveal concerns about public housing future
The Greens have called for the Government to "come clean" on Redfern public housing, following the failure of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA) to release details of its Built Environment Plan reports Cara Davis in the Southern Courier of 20 February 2007.
Pauper Bunnies now NRL princes
The paupers of the NRL are now the princes, with South Sydney's sponsorship drive ranking them in the nation's top five earners for jersey advertising of all team sports. The Rabbitohs announced a combined venture with property developer Trivest which includes away jersey sponsorship and the re-development of the Leagues Club in Redfern reports AAP in the West Australian of 1st March 2007.
Redfern Community Health Centre Documents Now Available
On 7th February 2007 the Department of Planning Posted the Director Generals requirements for the Redfern Community Health Centre in the former Redfern Court House and Former Police Station. Other documents made available include Preliminary Environmental Assessment, Major Project Application, Redfern Courthouse Revision, Redfern Final Drawings and Traffic Report
Policewoman named NSW Woman of the Year
Assistant Police Commissioner Catherine Burn has been named NSW Woman of the Year for her work with the embattled aboriginal community in Sydney's inner-city suburb of Redfern reports the Sydney Morning Herald of 9th March 2007.
Rocking the Block Plans for ‘07
The following has been received from Joel Beasant, lead singer of Andorra who jointly with Donald Enoch (Founding member of Bangarra) and Lani Tuitavake General Manager Aboriginal Housing Company have been organising Rock the Block and other activities on the Block which will continue in 2007.
Web Site Apologies for March 10-13
We apologise to those who have tried to access the REDWatch website between Saturday 10th and Tuesday 13th March 2007.
Sick of burying kids, Crews learns how best to save them
IT took a herculean battle against bureaucracy but today the Reverend Bill Crews will finally open the remedial reading centre promised two years ago to Redfern's indigenous children writes Miranda Devine in the Sun-Herald of March 10 2007.
Please help stop child abuse in NSW Aboriginal communities - ANTaR
As you may be aware, the New South Wales Government and Opposition have so far refused to fund a major new program to tackle child abuse in Aboriginal communities.
SOCIALIST ALLIANCE – MARRICKVILLE - Defend the Redfern Block, abolish the RWA
The reason for the existence of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA) can be summed up in just two words: corporate greed writes Pip Hinman, Socialist Alliance Candidate for Marrickville, in the 9th March 2007 edition of Green Left.
Souths Leagues sacks all workers
Souths Leagues club has sacked all of its workers and will close down in a fortnight, saying it was not feasible to remain open during major renovations reports AAP on Thursday March 15th on ninemsn.
Frank hits a high note - good news for live music.
The live music scene in NSW is set to receive a new and much fairer regulatory system, after Planning Minister Frank Sartor and the Iemma Government implemented amendments to the Local Government Act including a streamlined process to regulate entertainment in NSW and bring us more into line with other states reports John Wardle in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
CUB site on Broadway approved
Last month, just six weeks out from the election, the State Government approved the plans for the Carlton United site on Broadway reports Trevor Davies in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
Greens support for redfern Gym
Mundine’s Gym lost its ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission) funding some time ago, but continues to serve the community in spite of difficulties reports the South Sydney Herald of March 2007. Every afternoon lots of local kids go there – free of charge – to stay healthy. Over the last couple of months people have been encouraged to help out by giving a donation to the Gym to cover the cost of training the kids. In January it was Tanya Plibersek, the local Federal Member, who came to the party.
John McInerney’s change of climate
In January, The City Hub reported that John McInerney, former town planner and City of Sydney Councillor, is going to stand for the lower house seat of Heffron reports the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
Political Profle: Linda Scott makes her run
Australian Labor Party candidate for the seat of Sydney, Linda Scott, believes the 2007 NSW state election will be a difficult one reports Reem Aigharabali in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
Political Profile: Clover Moore seeks double-decade
Time seems to have lent its worldly hand to Clover Moore, without draining away any of her energy reports Ben Falkenmire in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
ALP Secretary nervous about election
Mark Arbib, the New South Wales ALP General Secretary, said the ALP was not playing the underdog score card and did in fact feel very nervous about the election at a Fabian Society evening held in late February reports Ben Falkenmire in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
The great Marrickville debate
Residents from the seat of Marrickville gathered at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre in February to hear from Labor incumbent Carmel Tebbutt and competing candidates, in an open forum chaired by venerable feminist and academic Eva Cox.
Water and housing: Labor and Greens go toe to toe
Heffron Labor incumbent Kristina Keneally has denied that the State government’s promised desalination plant will cause road closures and extensive roadwork in Erskineville. Claims that the $1.9 billion desalination plant at Kurnell will cause two years of road works across Sydney’s southern suburbs were frst made by the Daily Telegraph in February reports Bill Birtles and Trevor Davies in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
Redfern lock-down
Sally Quilter in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007 letters page writes of her experience of the Redfern Lock Down on January 21 2007.
Homeless Persons Legal Service opens in Newtown
The NSW Attorney General, Mr Bob Debus, cut the red tape and marked the launch of the Newtown Homeless Persons Legal Service in early February reports Alex Serpo in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
Federal Government trashes Redfern Employment Program
As we have been reporting, the Redfern Community Employment Development Program faces the axe by July this year because the Federal Government is convinced that the CEDP is not an appropriate way of putting Aboriginal people into full-time employment reports Trevor Davies in Have You Heard? in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
Rabbitohs and NASCA form alliance
The South Sydney Football Club and the National Aboriginal Sports Corporation of Australia (NASCA) have entered into an alliance supporting each other in Indigenous community programs reports Trevor Davies in Have You Heard? in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
Community art: a work in progress
In a few months’ time, the graffti-ed wall in front of the Marton high rise block in Raglan Street, Waterloo will be transformed by a beautiful mosaic reports Dorothy McRae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
RWA’s Draft Affordable Housing Plan questionable, says local activist
The RWA has asked for comment on its affordable housing plan for the Redfern-Waterloo area. Ross Smith responds in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007 and The South Sydney Herald invites you to go to the Redfern-Waterloo Authority’s website to read their affordable housing plan, then go to the REDWatch website and read some of the other responses. It’s your suburb, get involved. Read and respond. We invite your comments in our Letters page.
Rally remembers TJ Hickey
Wednesday, 14 February, marked the third anniversary of the death of 17-year-old TJ Hickey in Redfern. A crowd of over 300 people, ranging from local residents to Indigenous elders from Far North Queensland, gathered for an angry yet peaceful rally reports Irene Pye in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
Indigenous vote crucial in Land Council poll
On May 19, Indigenous people can vote in the NSW Land Council election. It is the first election since 1999 for the State’s peak representative body in Aboriginal Affairs reports Samantha Van in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
From Waterloo to Broadway – free by bus
It was a great day for many residents in the City of Sydney when Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, launched the first free shuttle bus for the area reports Dorothy McRae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
Only the beginning - Redfern Oral History website launch
“Every step I take, I have a memory.” These are words spoken by community representative Sharon Hickey at the launch of Redfern Oral History, a website documenting stories and photographs of people associated with the Block reports JP Collis in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
Brothers are making a difference
Babana is an Aboriginal word meaning “brother.” It is also the name of an Aboriginal men’s group formed in March 2006 to provide men with opportunities to network, discuss issues affecting local men, meet with other Aboriginal men’s groups and work on projects that benefit the local Redfern-Waterloo community reports Andrew Collis in the South Sydney Herald of March 2007.
Equity trade-off for bigger home loans
A NEW mortgage has been unveiled that can boost a home buyer's spending power by a quarter, but the lender keeps 40 per cent of any capital gain reports Matt Wade Economics Writer Sydney Morning Herald March 14, 2007.
Thanks for the Money - The Inner City Mobile Play Bus program
A very worthy cause that Central championed before Christmas has been given the green light for another year's worth of funding.
Yaama Dhinawan Hospitality Training Now Enrolling
Gucci - from Milan to Redfern
MILAN came to Redfern last night as luxury Italian fashion house Gucci launched it's spring/summer 2007 collection to a packed VIP crowd of 300 style setters reports Jen Melocco on The Daily Telegraph March 21, 2007.
Courts the new battleground in war against nature
Elizabeth Farrelly in the March 28, 2007 issue of the Sydney Morning Herald writes about the move to use climate change considerations to challenge developments including at the CUB site in Chippendale.
Iemma names ten new faces for cabinet
This is the News Release issued by the Premier of New South Wales Media Release on Friday, 30 March, 2007 to announce the post - election 2007 NSW cabinet.
Ten Years From the Heart - Photographs of Redfern Waterloo
Photojournalist Lisa Hogben spent 10 years examining those threads, making friends in parks and on street corners with her Aboriginal neighbours reports the media release for Lisa's exhibition.
Silverchair return
"YOU are not at work tonight!" Daniel Johns announced at Silverchair's much-anticipated return to the world stage last night - in front of more than a 1000-strong crowd of besotted fans and industry supporters at the Carriageworks in Redfern reports Holly Byrnes and Kathy McCabe in this AAP story run in the Daily Telegraph on 2 April 2007.
Block safer than George St
PEOPLE are now more likely to be mugged, bashed or sexually assaulted on George St than in a notorious part of Redfern reports Justin Vallejo in The Daily Telegraph of April 04, 2007.
Election Results - Labor, Labor and Clover
This year’s NSW election result failed to raise many eyebrows, with the Iemma Government, Kristina Keneally, Carmel Tebbutt and Independent Clover Moore mandated by voters for another four years reports Ben Falkenmire in the April 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Synesthetic artists deliver in new Performance Space
A collaboration of Sydney’s finest synesthetic artists launched their new label demux at the Performance Space at the beginning of March. Te label is the brain child of Sydney‑based artists, Wade Marynowsky and Peter Newman, who are seeking to fill a gap in the support of “live audio visual events, documentation and experimental events for screen.” reports Ben Falkenmire in the April 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Redfern and Regent Streets open for business
In November 2005 Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, invited residents to a public meeting at Redfern Town Hall to discuss the plans to upgrade Redfern and Regent Streets. This project was part of the $50 million investment planned for the inner city, and all work was to be carried out in consultation with the local community reports Pam Dagwell in the April 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Waterloo generosity gets food service up and running
The generosity of two local businesses is helping a vital food service get up and running in Waterloo. The Salvation Army Neighbourhood Centre, on the corner of Cope and Phillip Street in Waterloo, has started providing food packages to people struggling to fill their cupboards. This is made possible because of donations from IGA Waterloo and the Australian Technology Park. The money has allowed the Centre to expand its services to the community, which already include subsidised meals and markets reports Bill Birtles in the April 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Aboriginal war heroes campaign
Peter Charlton is The Brisbane Courier Mail’s national affairs editor. He is a former Army Reserve Lieutenant-Colonel who commanded a battalion in an integrated regular-reserve brigade in Brisbane. He is also a published military historian, with works on World War I and II, to his credit, he wrote in the Courier Mail about some of our Unsung Heroes reports the April 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Inner city building industry blues
The Construction industry has always been tough. Many working men and women have died on construction sites and have suffered serious injuries. Since the introduction of ‘Work Choices’ things seem to have got worse for the workers in the industry. There are some rogue employers who feel that they can cut corners and get away with it. The following story may be an example of the new climate in industrial relations since Work Choices reports the April 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Ever try to pour a schooner into a midi?
The Daily Telegraph reported last month that “planning Minister Frank Sartor is being sued over his approval of the controversial redevelopment of the Carlton United Brewery site. Mr Sartor and the CUB parent company, Fosters, are named in a law suit lodged by concerned local Matthew Drake-Brockman. Mr Drake-Brockman lodged his papers with the Land and Environment Court this week and will issue his points of claim in the next few weeks” reports Trevor Davies in the April 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
A different sort of army! - Brendan Nelson refects on new tutorial centre
Dr. Brendan Nelson, the Federal Minister for Defence, spoke at length at the opening of the Exodus Tutorial Centre in the South Sydney Uniting Church Hall in Alexandria. He first connected with this work in Ashfield when he was Minister for Education and gave a significant grant to the Centre. The following is an extract from what he said reports the April 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Tutorial centre opens in Alexandria
Tyrell Enriquez, 12, is a shy, yet articulate young boy. You wouldn’t guess that two years ago he was two and a half years behind his class mates in reading and comprehension skills. But, after attending the 20-week literacy program at the Exodus Tutorial Centre at Ashfield, he was six months ahead and went on to win a scholarship to Scots College this year reports Samantha Van in the April 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Stumbling Block for school plan
A plan by St Andrew's Cathedral School to set up a campus for indigenous children in Redfern has exposed divisions in the community, writes Joel Gibson in the Sydney Morning Herald of April 6, 2007.
It's no syrah to Abbott on drop for Block rock
WHEN the organisers of a music festival at the Block in Redfern asked the Health Minister, Tony Abbott, for his support, they were hoping for a donation, some resources, perhaps even an appearance by the man himself reports Joel Gibson in the Sydney Morning Herald of April 6, 2007.
Keating's high point for Aborigines
PAUL Keating's address at Redfern Park in 1992 was a great speech because it was about leadership, principle and courage. In the history of Aboriginal peoples' relationship with the non-Aboriginal political and legal institutions of this nation, no prime minister had said what he said argues Patrick Dodson in the Age of April 7, 2007.
New face of Iemma ministry
The Premier, Morris Iemma, revealed the "fresh young new faces" on his new front bench last week, which included Heffron MP Kristina Keneally who has been elevated to a ministerial position reports Cara Davis in the Southern Courier of 4th April 2007.
Design to raise living standards
Sydney University architects Paul Pholeros and Col James have developed a prototype home clinic and wash room for the Indigenous Australian community. Currently on display at the Sydney Home Ideas Centre in Alexandria, their design will be incorporated into 62 proposed new dwellings at The Block in Redfern reports Kate Rossmanith in the University of Sydney UniNews of 30 March 2007.
School opens separate campus for Aborigines
A PRIVATE school will open a campus exclusively for Aboriginal children on its main campus when the new term starts next week reports Hannah Edwards in the Sun Herald of April 15, 2007.
Big plans for Redfern
AFTER Pyrmont, Homebush Bay, Green Square and Rhodes, the next big urban consolidation challenge for Sydney is a curly one – Redfern reports Harvey Grennan in the Brisbane Times of April 17, 2007.
It's been a long walk: blacks unite for march
WHEN David Williams's uncle returned from the Korean War - exhausted and recovering from a gunshot wound - the family took him to Greenslopes Repatriation Hospital in Brisbane. The door was closed in their faces reports Paul Bibby in the Sydney Morning herald of April 17, 2007.
Crane nominated for heritage list
The NSW National Trust has nominated the Hammerhead crane, the 19th century Eveleigh railway workshops at Redfern, and the remains of a 40,000-year-old blue gum forest along the side of the Pacific HIghway in northern Sydney reports ABC News on Wednesday 18th April 2007.
A black and white perspective on life in the Block
"I GUESS I'd like to experience being white for a while and walk amongst the white people without anyone flinching," says Sonya Brindle, 40 writes Joel Gibson in the Sydney Morning Herald of April 18, 2007.
Eveleigh Railway Workshops 'endangered': National Trust
The National Trust says the Eveleigh Railway Workshops are among the State's most endangered items reports Caro Meldrum for ABC News April 18, 2007. The Eveleigh Railway Workshops at Redfern have been nominated for the National 2007 Heritage at Risk List.
Up for national list: National Trust nominates rare forest, crane and railway workshops as state’s most endangered items
What does a 40,000 year old blue gum forest have in common with 19th century railway workshops and a 1940s cantilever crane that serviced Australia’s navy ships asks a National Trust (NSW) media release of 17th April 2007?
Don't drive to Bondi
BONDI'S civic leaders are fighting proposals to improve roads around the famous beach because they want to stop more motorists travelling from the inner city [Redfern] and west reports Sharri Markson in The Sunday Telegraph of April 22, 2007.
Bosses warn housing crisis will hit business
SYDNEY'S housing crisis will damage the economy if low-paid workers cannot afford to live in the inner suburbs, the city's business leaders have warned reports Sunanda Creagh Urban Affairs Reporter on the Sydney Morning Herald of April 24, 2007.
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