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News Since Last RWIU

News since last Redfern Waterloo Issues Update.
Michael Cassel to replace Anne Skewes as head of Land and Housing Corporation.
In the Newcastle Herald article below of 20 September 2019, it was announced that Michael Cassel would move from the Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation to head up the Land and Housing Corporation responsible for the Communities Plus program and the Waterloo and redfern public housing redevelopments. Anne Skewes is moving to Crown Lands.
Redfern Station Community Option 5 Presentation Notes
On August 6th 2019 REDWatch and Reconnect Redfern presented Transport for NSW a Community Option 5 for the Redfern Station southern concourse. These are the notes from that presentation and should be read alongside the option 5 presentation slides. The presentation argues for five major issues to be addressed in designs for a southern concourse. The presentation also makes the case for a bike and pedestrian concourse between North and South Eveleigh which is missing from the options presented by Transport for NSW.
REDWatch comments on Stage 2 Heritage Interpretation Plan for the Locomotive Workshops SSD 8517 and SSD 8449
THis is the submission made by REDWatch on the Stage 2 Heritage Interpretation Plan for the Locomotive Workshops SSD 8517 and SSD 8449.
Redfern Station Southern Concourse Consultation until 2 June 2019
Plans for a new southern concourse to Redfern Station have been made available for public comment. This is the first step in a State Significant Infrastructure Project process which will take a couple of years to plan and deliver a new concourse.
REDWatch response to LAHC and CoS Masterplan Proposals
In the response below REDWatch calls for LAHC to release supporting material so that the community can understand their Preferred Masterplan. REDWatch also calls for a further consultation on the Prefered Masterplan before it is formally submitted for exhibition.
Pemulwuy approval ends long housing struggle on The Block
The Independent Planning Commission has approved the Pemulwuy Project proposal for a 24 storey student housing building along the railway line adjacent to the already approved Pemulwuy Project including 62 Affordable Housing units on The Block in Redfern. The approval means that the Aboriginal Housing Company can now self-fund their Affordable Housing development.
The Independent Planning Commission has approved the Pemulwuy Project proposal for a 24 storey student housing building along the railway line adjacent to the already approved Pemulwuy Project 62 Affordable Housing units on The Block in Redfern. The approval means that the Aboriginal Housing Company can now self fund their Affordable Housing development. Below is the media statement issued by the IPC on 4 March 2019 and links to the determination documents.
City releases alternate plan for Waterloo Estate
The City of Sydney today released an alternate proposal for the NSW Government's redevelopment of the Waterloo Housing Estate, calling on the Government to scrap their current plan and hand planning control of the site back to the City of Sydney. The media release is below.
Premier's Announcement of Sydney Innovation and Technology Precinct
Below is the media release about the Sydney Innovation and Technology Precinct announcement.
A vision for the new Sydney Technology and Innovation Precinct
On 26 February the NSW Government announced the Central-Eveleigh Sydney Innovation and Technology Precinct. Here is background from the Department of Industry website about the proposal.
Redfern Station Accessability Upgrade
On 27 February, the story of the upgrade was carried in the Sydney Morning Herald and the following information appeared on the Transport for NSW website. The anouncement came just before the NSW Government went into Caretaker mode so it is not expected more details will be officially available until after the March 23 NSW Election. The SMH reported that "After years of refusals by successive governments to upgrade the heritage-listed station, six lifts and six sets of stairs will be installed as part of a $100 million project, ensuring better access for commuters to platforms one to 10. The lifts will link to a footbridge to be built at the southern end of the station. It will improve access to the Australian Technology Park, Carriageworks and the University of Sydney. The footbridge will connect Gibbons Street, on the eastern side of the rail tracks, with Little Eveleigh and Wilson streets to the west. While preliminary surveys and geotechnical work are under way, major construction at Redfern is not expected to begin until late this year and will take about a year to complete". The link to the SMH story is at the foot of this post.
Mirvac’s redevelopment of The Locomotive Workshops approved
The Independent Planning Commission (IPC) has handed down its determination on two Mirvac DAs for the Locomotive Workshop at South Eveleigh (ATP).
A new centre for heritage transport at Chullora - Eveleigh Implications
On 30 November 2018 Transport for NSW announced a new Heritage transport centre at Chullora. The media release below, along with the factsheet also below, made specific reference to the Large Erecting Shop (LES) at Eveleigh as being "adapted for new uses". The ATP sale sale to Mirvac contained a provision which allows it first right of refusal to the LES if not required by Transport for NSW. The media statement also makes reference to the Paint Shop at Eveleigh but it is not referenced as being "adapted for new uses". The text of the statement and the fact sheet are below.
Mayoral Minute and Council Resolution of 11 Feb 2019 covering Waterloo Redevelopment
At the City of Sydney Council Meeting on 11 February 2019, Lord Mayor Clover Moore moved a mayoral minute dealing with "The Devastating Impacts of State Planning on the City of Sydney". This Minute made reference to the Waterloo Redevelopment and contained a recommendation that Council host a public meeting about the Waterloo redevelopment. The recommendations were accepted by Council along with another resolution later in the meeting specifically about Council action on the Waterloo Estate Redevelopment. The text of the minute and the resolution are below:
REDWatch Waterloo Metro SSP and SSDA Submission
REDWatch made the submission below on the Waterloo Metro SSP and SSDA on 30 January 2019.
Waterloo Estate Master Plan outline released
On 23 January 2019 afternoon Minister Prue Goward released the Preferred Master Plan proposal for the redevelopment of the Waterloo Estate. Here are links to the plan and some preliminary comments by REDWatch.
Clover Moore: Raise your concerns to protect Waterloo
Clover Moore has written to her supporters asking them to make submissions about the Waterloo Metro exhibitions. Below we have provided the details supplied by Clover. We have also taken the issues Clover's planners have raised in the form of a submission that you can copy and modify into the Planning portals or copy into a written submission with any changes you want to make.
Estate Options Testing Consultation Report Released
On 11 January LAHC released their Options Testing Consultation Report. This report documents for the SSP process the outcomes of the options testing phase of consultation for the Waterloo Redevelopment. It also incorporates an overview of the findings of the initial visioning phase of the consultation.
Lies, damn lies and statistics – REDWatch comments on the Waterloo demographic reports
One of the concerns about the Waterloo redevelopment is that the existing vulnerable public housing community will continue to exist, but it will be less visible in the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) measures used by social planning and funding bodies.
Social Baseline Report Preliminary detail issues and comments
uThe following preliminary comments were prepared by Michael Shreenan of Counterpoint Community Services and supplied to UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation and Land and Housing Corporation. The comments draw on feedback provided on an earlier GHD report on community facilities which remain issues in the current GHD report. It also draws on feedback from other Groundswell agency members about the current GHD Social Baseline Report.
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