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News Since Last RWIU

News since last Redfern Waterloo Issues Update.
Sydney Metro Announcement
Below is the text of the statement issued by Sydney Metro following the Premier's announcement of the Waterloo Metro Station.
Minister Hazzard Media Release on Waterloo Redevelopment
Below is the text of the media release issued by Minister Hazzard on 16 December 2015 regarding the redevelopment of the Waterloo Public Housing Estate.
Premier Baird Waterloo Announcement
Below is the text of the announcement made by Premier Baird on 16 December 2012 regarding the new Metro Station and the redevelopment of the Waterloo Public Housing Estate.
Letter from Minister Hazzard to Waterloo Tenants
Below is the text of the letter which was letterboxed to Waterloo public housing tenants on 16 December 2015 when the announcement was made that the Waterloo Estate would be redeveloped.
Counterpoint Community Services (The Factory Community Centre) Statement
Counterpoint Community Services (The Factory Community Centre) issued the following statement regarding the announcement on 17 December 2015.
Links to Waterloo Redevelopment History
Here you will find some of the history behind the announcement to redevelop the Waterloo Public Housing Estate.
Building Standards — Minimum Requirements for North Eveleigh
The Presentation below was made to a community meeting called by Newtown MP Jenny Leong about Eveleigh on 28 November 2015. The presentation by Bruce Lay sets out minimum requirements that should be asked for on the North Eveleigh and other sites. The meeting supported the recomendations ands resolved that Bruce should make a submission to UrbanGrowth on behalf of the meeting.
REDWatch Co-ordination Group Report for 2014-2015
Sydney Metro Waterloo or Sydney University Options - Until 17th July
Sydney Metro has placed on exhibition until 17th july its proposals for the Metro including the options for a station at Waterloo or Sydney University. Proposals for the new Metro on public exhibition until 17th July 2015.
REDWatch Submission on the ATP Sale EOI
REDWatch negotiated an exension for groups to comment on the Central to Eveleigh ATP Sale EOI until after the City of Sydney released the indenpendent review of the opportunities and risks relating to the sale of the ATP by HillPDA Consulting. Below is the text of the REDWatch submission setting out our concerns to UrbanGrowth Central to Eveleigh.
CoS Mayoral Minute on ATP - 23 February 2015
Below is the text of the Mayoral Minute of 23 February 2015 in response to the HillPDA Consulting independent review of the opportunities and risks relating to the Sale of the the ATP. The minute includes the recommendations put to Council by Lord Mayor Clover Moore.
Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop collection at Australian Technology Park to be sold
The towering machines clustered in a cavernous workshop in Redfern make up one of the world's best preserved yet still functioning blacksmithing workshops reports Rose Powell in the Sydney Morning Herald of January 9 2015.
Mirvac eyes Google for lease
Mirvac Group is gunning hard to take home the prized $200 million-plus Australian Technology Park in inner Sydney. Behind the push is Mirvac's determination to land a major tenant, such as Google or Commonwealth Bank of Australia, for the site, industry sources said writes Mercedes Ruehl in the Australian Financial Review of 22 January 2015.
REDWatch Update on C2E - 22 Jan 2015
This is the text of an email update sent to Central to Eveleigh stakeholders. It deals with the EOI for Sale of the ATP; ATP Information Sessions on the sale; UrbanGrowth Community Engagement; What was on the Blank bit of paper at the Dec UG session; and A Guide to acheiving good outcomes in precinct developments.
REDWatch Comments on C2E Forum and UrbanGrowth Response
On 9th December 2014 UrbanGrowth C2E held a Thinking and Visioning workshop. Concerns about the process were raised with REDWatch by both those that attended and those that were excluded. REDWatch wrote to the UrbanGrowth NSW Community Engagement Manager responsible for the project (who spoke on community engagement at the forum) setting out our concerns. In response REDWatch received a response from Troy Daly the C2E Programme Director. You can see REDWatch's concerns and what we asked for below as well as the response from UrbanGrowth NSW.
Australian Technology Park sale: call for expressions of interest
Australian Technology Park is being sized up for sale as the state government's multimillion-dollar divestment of public property continues apace reports Leesha McKenny the Urban Affairs Reporter in the Sydney Morning Herald of December 8 2014.
REDWatch Request to Council
Following the ATP sale anouncement REDWatch requested Council to assess the impact and report back to the community. Below is the text of the REDWatch request.
ATP Sale Anouncement
On December 4 2014 the Government announced that UrbanGrowth NSW (UG) would handle an EOI process which closes 30th January 2015 for the sale of the Australian Technology Park. Below are the details of the anouncement and REDWatch's initial response as circulated in its email updates.
Central to Eveleigh Corridor Indicative Development July 2014
In September 2014 the Sydney Morning Herald obtained a Flythrough of the proposed Central to Eveleigh development dated July 3 2014. The flythrough has been updated from the February 2014 version and new buildings from the Locomotive Workshops have been removed. The bulk of other key RWA recognised Heritage buildings remain missing in the July flythrough. The video currently only appears on the SMH website. This video deals with indicative development precinct by precint so below we have taken stills from the vido so people can look at the indicative development shown for their precint. UrbanGrowth has since indicated at a REDWatch meeting that some testing has been done on the indicative densities and that revisions are being made. UrbanGrowth expects to test possible densities with surrounding communities later in the process. Central to Eveleigh Indicative Development as of February 2014.
Making the future of social housing fairer and better
The NSW Government has released a major discussion paper to examine options to deliver improvements to the social housing system on 18 November 2014. Links to the report, media release and other details are provided below. Feedback on the report closes on 20 February 2015
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