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News Since Last RWIU

News since last Redfern Waterloo Issues Update.
UrbanGrowth Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal and Transport Program 2014-15 Business Plan
This text is extracted from a heavily redacted copy of the "UrbanGrowth Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal and Transport Program 2014-15 Business Plan". The document was released under a GIPA Request to the Sydney Morning Herald and was the basis of an article on 27th September 2014 titled "Sydney renewal project at Eveleigh likely to be scaled back". REDWatch has also obtained a copy of the document from UrbabGrowth and have provided a text version of the available text below for easy access.
Central to Eveleigh Corridor Indicative Development February 2014
In February 2014 the NSW Government produced a video called "NSW is open for business". That video included a flythrough of the Central to Eveleigh corridor showing indicative development. A similar fly through was shown in March to the Property Council and released to Channel 9. Below are some stills taken from "NSW is open for business" which provide an indication of what development was being considered at that stage of Central to Eveleigh. UrbanGrowth has since indicated at a REDWatch meeting that some testing has been done on the indicative densities and that revisions are being made. UrbanGrowth expects to test possible densities with surrounding communities later in the process.
Central to Eveleigh – Some REDWatch Concerns
Prior to the June 2014 UrbanGrowth NSW (UG) focus groups REDWatch raised some concerns about the process proposed with UG. Subsequemtly REDWatch produced the document below to place our concerns in the public domain and to make these concerns available to other groups and stakeholders. The paper below seeks to explain these concerns and put them on record.
Council Subcommittee to Consider UrbanGrowth MOUs - 22 July 2014
Council’s Planning and Development Committee on Tuesday 22nd July will be considering Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between the City Council and UrbanGrowth NSW. Below are details of the MOUs being coinsidered and some REDWatch comments.
USyd Exhibition of CIP Responses - Until 25 August 2014
The University of Sydney has submitted a Response to Submissions (RtS) report for the University of Sydney's Campus Improvement Program State significant development (SSD) application. This report responds to issues raised in Submissions. This report is open to community comment until August 2014. THis ensures the community has a comment on the University's response in leiu of them not undertaking the consultation requested by the Department in the preperation of the CIP. Below are the details of the exhibition.
Central to Eveleigh Consultation Report Online
UrbanGrowth's Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal and Transport Program has posted the report of their consultation late last year with community group representatives. You can see this report on the UrbanGrowth website through the link provided below. Below is an email from the new Program Director which summarises the common thesemes in the report. The Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal Area Baseline Analysis undertaken by UrbanGrowth should be posted in the near future.
Who Can we trust Now? - Poster from Sirius
The banner below has been produced by some of those in the Sirius Building. It came to REDWatch with the note that appears below the graphic.
REDWatch Submission on Sydney Uni "Campus Improvement Program"
This is the text of the REDWatch submision on Sydney University's Campus Improvement Program (CIP) of April 2014.
REDWatch Analysis on Millers Point
REDWatch has kept its members and supporters up to date through its email lists. Below we have drawn some of the material from these emails to provide an overview for a wider grouping of REDWatch's concerns.
Leaflet to Tenants from The Millers Point Community Defence Group
The following letter was issued by the three resident groups in the area under the banner of The Millers Point Community Defence Group following the the anouncement.
REDWatch - Planning & Infrastructure Correspondence on Sydney Uni Consultation
Below is the text of correspondence between REDWatch and the Director General of Planning and Infrastructure regarding Sydney University's failure to consult with resident groups in the preperation of their Campus Infrastructure Program as required by the Department. The bottom line in the respoinse is that Planning & Infrastructure will ensure that the community does have the opportunity to comment on the University's response to submissions before a determination is made.
Sydney Uni Consultation Issues
The following items appeared in the South Sydney Herald 15 march 2014. The first is an article by Geoff Turnbull giving a resident view of the the Sydney Uni Campus Improvement Plan consultation problem. The second was from the University's column in the South Sydsney Herald anoucing an extension of the consultation.
Sydney Uni expands on plans
Sydney University is seeking approval for a 68 per-cent increase to its Camperdown-Darlington campus floor space by the end of 2020. This will accommodate a 21 per-cent increase in students on the campus as well as 4,000 units of “affordable” student accommodation, reports Geoff Turnbull in the March 2014 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Universities spend billions in race to be the best
The University of Sydney plans to spend $2.5 billion transforming its historic campus, as a building arms race between higher education providers reaches unprecedented levels, reports Heath Gilmore in the Sydney Morning Herald of 15 March 2014.
Project Profile: Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal and Transport Program
This Urban Growth Project profile was released on 8 March 2014 with the anouncement of UrbanGrowths's expanded role in Central to Eveleigh. Below is the text of the profile. A link to the pdf version can be found at the foot of this article.
UrbanGrowth NSW: Government says Build, Build, Build
Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Brad Hazzard today, 8th march 2014, announced the NSW Government has charged UrbanGrowth NSW with a new mandate to lead the delivery of major scale renewal projects including the Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal and Transport Program. Below is the text of the media release.
Land freed for mass renewal
Large swathes of land have been unlocked for apartment development in Sydney and Newcastle, as the state government pushes for urban renewal reports Rebecca Thistleton on page 6 of the Australian Financial Review of 8 March 2014.
Lift to be built for Redfern Station
Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian today announced a lift would be built to Redfern Station platforms 6 and 7, making the station accessible to customers in wheelchairs and parents with prams for the first time reports this media release of by Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian on 31st January 2014.
Central to Eveleigh consultations
UrbanGrowth NSW recently undertook three workshops in the initial stage of its investigation into the Central to Eveleigh railway corridor. The workshops follow meetings with developers and other stakeholders over the last few months reports Geoff Turnbull in the December 2013 issue of The South Sydney Herald.
Top agency switches from greenfields to infrastructure
URBAN Growth NSW is set to take control of several big- ticket infrastructure projects, including the redevelopment of Newcastle's CBD and the development of apartment towers over the railway lines at Eveleigh, inner Sydney, under a major restructure of the government agency to be announced early next year reports Lisa Allan in the Australian of 5 December 2013.
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