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Handout Material elsewhere on the REDWatch Web Site

Here you can find electronic copies of some other materials handed out at meetings by REDWatch speakers that are found on other parts of this site.

The map REDWatch has been using is the RWA Mud Map (1.2MB PDF). This shows the RWA boundaries, major government landowners and the area under the planning control of the RWA.

On the rear of the Summary of the RWA Draft Built Environment Plan we have been superimposing the SEPP Heritage Map (PDF 3MB) onto the SEPP Height Map (PDF 3MB) to illustrate what is expected to stay and change. This highlights the Paint Shop and the Large Erecting Shop as in potential conflict between the two zoning maps.

We have also distributed copies of the City of Sydney map showing DoH Properties in Waterloo & Redfern Urban Design Area (PDF 278KB).

In addition for some groups we are including some of the “A List of Useful Web Links”.