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Media Articles on Redfern Waterloo

This is a selection of major news items about Redfern Waterloo from various media outlets. The AHC also has a good selection of the stories about the Block in their media news section at You can get up to date news by setting up a Google News alert at News Alerts will not pick up local media and some mainstream media stories which do not appear on a news website, where possible we put these stories on our website to provide wide access to the stories.
Premier accelerates approvals to kick development into high gear
NEARLY half a billion dollars has been allocated for infrastructure in housing growth areas and the assessment of development applications will be sped up to bolster the state's housing and construction sectors reports Josephine Tovey in the SMH of 13 June 2012.
Moves to fast track housing
COUNCILS will be dangled a $50 million carrot to pay for their infrastructure woes while a new government body will be given the power to turbocharge housing delivery reports Vikki Campion in The Daily Telegraph of 13 June 2012.
SMDA & Landcom combined into new Urbangrowth NSW
Urbangrowth NSW will integrate and refocus Landcom and the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA) as a key new driver of the Government’s approach to housing delivery. “The Government intends to have the new organisation up and running by mid July,” Minister Hazzard said in the statment below delivered as part of the NSW Budget on 12 June 2012.
Planning Minister wants terraces, not big blocks of land
FORGET the great Australian dream of having a big backyard with room for a swimming pool, NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard says Sydneysiders "want" to live in tiny terraces writes Barclay Crawford in The Sunday Telegraph of 3 June 2012.
Harbour crossing back on track
A SECOND harbour crossing will be the centrepiece rail project in the state government's draft transport masterplan, to be unveiled within months reports Jacob Saulwick in the SMH of 2 June 2012.
REDWatch Submission on USyd Abercrombie Precinct Redevelopment Application No: MP07_0158
In the submission below on the University of Sydney Abercrombie Precinct Redevelopment, REDWatch raised issues highlighted the deficiencies in the ARUP and Parson Brickerhoff Traffic Studies. In light of these deficiencies we ask the Department to also apply the SKM review findings to this application. We also request the Department to require a TMAP with similar conditions to those applied to North Eveleigh for the Abercrombie Street Development.
SMDA Evidence to Inquiry into Utilisation of Rail Corridors
Below is the proof transcript of Evidence given by SMDA CEO Roy Wakelin-King top the Committee on Transport and Infrastructure Inquiry into Utilisation of Rail Corridors on 28 May 2012. It deals primarily with the operations of the SMDA and not with issues related to Redfern Station.
North Eveleigh Early Works conflicts with Concept Plan Approval : REDWatch
REDWatch opposes the SMDA Early Works proposal as it both differs from the Approved North Eveleigh Concept Plan and is in direct conflict with the Concept Plan Approval conditions. The details of the REDWatch comparison of the Early Works Application and the North Eveleigh Concept Plan Approval is provided below in their submission of 25 May 2012 below.
Community honks for traffic review
Concerned residents at a forum last Monday discussed the future of the North Eveleigh area which has been approved for mixed-use redevelopment reports Florencia Melgar in City News on 24 May 2012.
North Eveleigh Community Forum - SLA Questions and points for discussion
The Questions and Points below were produced by Save Leamington Avenue Inc and provided to the SMDA for the Community Forum held on 21 May 2012.
North Eveleigh Community Forum & Submission Background
Here you will find some background to the North Eveleigh Concept Plan and links to documents repating to the plan and the Affordable Housing Exhibition. Due to changes on the RWA & SMDA website we have provided new links to documents. This document was originally sent out as an email to people with an interest in North Eveleigh Issues.
Rachel Forster Hospital Information Session Leaflet
This is the text of the letter sent to neighbours of the Rachel Forster Hospital initially for a meeting on 2 June 2012. The initial meeting was rescheduled on a wet day after residents complained that the inside of the Rachel Forster building was not suitable place to hold a public meeting. The meeting was subsequently moved to Redfern Town Hall from 10am-12pm on Saturday 16th June 2012.
Long List for Lift Access
LORD Mayor Clover Moore has received another 500 signatures petitioning for lift access at Redfern station reports Central on May 16 2012.
Lift Redfern campaign reaches parliament
Locals hand petitions to MP Kristina Keneally outside state parliament. MORE than 11,000 people have signed a petition demanding a lift at Redfern station reports Central on 8 May 2012.
North Eveleigh / CarriageWorks Development Site Flyer May 2012
The flyer below was produced by Bruce and Sarah Lay when the Early Works Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for North Eveleigh Affordable Housing went on exhibition in May 2012.
Kristina Kemeally accepts 10,000 petitions
Member for Heffron, The Hon Kristina Keneally MP, will today accept a petition of over 10,000 signatures from the community campaign group "Lift Redfern: Make Redfern Station Accessible Now" reports this media release from the Member from Heffron, Kristina Keneally.
Valé Liz Ramage (1930–2012)
Liz Ramage was ahead of her time. With others, she built the South Sydney community. As a young woman, she was part of a disparate group of church-people who formed the South Sydney United Parish – ahead of the Australia‑wide Uniting Church. The group also worked for the founding of South Sydney Community Aid. In this way, South Sydney was established as a community, rather than a disparate collection of villages, which it was, and to which it is, maybe, now returning reports Barrie McMahon in the May 2012 edition of The South Sydney Herald.
Centre manager says honeymoon is over
REDFERN: After five months in the job, Julia Medley, the current manager of Redfern Community Centre, freely admits the honeymoon period is over reports Jane Barton in the May 2012 edition of The South Sydney Herald.
New maintenance backlog reduction system?
The social housing maintenance backlog was reduced from $620 million in 2008/09 to $300 million in 2011, according to the current NSW Housing Minister writes Ross Smith in the Opinion piece in the May 2012 edition of The South Sydney Herald.
City’s ancient footsteps
The National Trust Heritage Awards for 2012 to honour the achievements of heritage professionals were announced on Monday April 23. There were 18 entries in the Education, Interpretation and Community Engagement category. The City of Sydney’s self-guided walking tours booklet, Barani/ Barrabugu (Yesterday/Tomorrow), was one of four entries that were highly commended reports Lyn Turnbull & William Rivera in the May 2012 edition of The South Sydney Herald.
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