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Paint Shop Sub-Precinct Rezoning Proposal

The Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) placed the rezoning proposal for the Paint Shop Sub-Precinct of Redfern North Eveleigh on exhibition from 26 July to 25 August 2022. This section of the website covers this exhibition.
Minister's media release on Redfern North Eveleigh Paint Shop Precinct Rezoning until 25 August
This is the text of Minister Stoke's media release regarding the rezoning of the Paint Shop Precinct of Redfern North Eveleigh of 26 July 2022. Links to related sites about the site and the exhibition have been added to the foot of this post.
Image Artist Impression of Paint Shop Precinct from Video Fly Through
This Image shows what might be possible under the proposed rezoning between the Paint Shop and Redfern Station. This is a planning proposal so the images are indicative of what might be possible under the planning proposal being publicly exhibited.
File Redfern North Eveleigh Paint Shop FAQs.
This is the Frequently asked Questions prepared by TfNSW prior to the exhibition which try's to pre-empt the questions people might ask. For example it asks Q: Will there be a second bridge from North to South Eveleigh? A: While not part of the scope for the rezoning proposal, this has been considered when developing the masterplan. The design has ensured that any potential future pedestrian connection could be integrated within the proposed rezoning proposal. Which sort of begs the question as to why it is not in the plan. A clear area for people to push for. File is PDF 825Kb.
File This is a copy of the Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct Renewal Newsletter about The Paint Shop Precinct Rezoning
This newsletter of 26th July 2022 has been produced to provide basic information to the community and will be letter boxed around the area.
Image Outline of the Paint Shop Precinct Masterplan
This outline can be found in the Transport for NSW newsletter. It gives an overview of what is being proposed for the site under the masterplan reflected in the rezoning planning proposal on exhibition until 25 August 2022.
A Quick REDWatch Guide to the North Eveleigh Consultation
This is REDWatch's Guide to the Exhibition consultation and and the documents. It is based on our email to our distribution lists and includes an additional section at the end matching up the proposal's studies to the Appendix of the main Planning Report.
Image The Paint Shop Precinct Proposed Floor Space Ratio (FSR) Map
This is an interesting map because it allocates 2.78 times the area across the entire site rather than to the proposed buildings. So the roads, walkways and public spaces all have the allocated FSR. The proposal uses a lower level planning document, the design guide, to say where that floor space should go rather than allocate it building by building. This provides great flexibility for the developer, lack of certainty for the community and probably a higher price for the Transit Asset Management Entity (TAME) selling the site. Map Source: Explanation of Intended Effect page 9.
Image The Paint Shop Precinct Proposed Land Use Map
Probably because of the decision to place FSR across the entire site the whole of the site is zoned as mixed use in the land use map. As a consequence the 20+% of the site that are public areas are not protected as recreational zones, which makes it possible to change controls later without having to ask for a land use change. REDWatch is of the view that all public space should be protected by appropriate zoning, Map Source: Explanation of Intended Effect page 7
Image The Proposed Paint Shop Precinct Height of Buildings Map
This is the map that defines the possible building envelopes and the area within which the maximum heights might be used. The reference scheme used in the graphics is just one of many possible options possible under the controls. The developers can move that height anywhere within the height controls. How much floor space is in the building, ie if it is thin or fat, is constrained only by the guide rather than an allocation in the LEP. Explanation of Intended Effect page 8.
Image The Proposed Paint Shop Precinct Heritage Map
This is the same as the existing map. When compared to the height map it shows that all heritage buildings except the Paint Shop are to stay at existing heights and are protected. The proposal for the paint shop shows that an up to 63.6 m building can be placed anywhere above the paint shop, how much of the paint shop is covered by a building and how much floor space can go there is again defined only by the guide and a future design excellence process that could change the guide. It is important to note that some visuals on display, such as parts of the aerial fly through do not show the proposed building above the paint shop. Map Source Explanation of Intended Effect page 10.
Paint Shop Precinct – what the LEP maps tell us
When looking at a planning proposal like North Eveleigh, it is useful to start at the proposed planning controls. This is the place the developer starts in working out what they can do within the rules or where bending them might be possible and hence what they might pay for the site. Below REDWatch has extracted the four maps proposed for the Sydney Local Environment Plan (LEP) and provided some comments.
File Heritage Significance of Paint Shop Precinct Buildings
This is a 14 page extract from the Paint Shop Precinct Heritage Interpretation Strategy detailing the significance of each of the buildings and places impacted by the proposed Redfern North Eveleigh Paint Shop Precinct master plan. While many buildings are not greatly impacted by the proposal, The Paint Shop (c1888) and the Paint Shop Extension / Former Suburban Car workshops (1912) are two buildings that will be highly impacted. The Paint Shop by a proposed 4 storey building through and on top of it and the Extension by a part of it being demolished to make place for a new building fronting Wilson Street. How the development impacts heritage is a major issue to be considered in submissions.
Image Image of impact of master plan on Paint Shop (1888) & Extension / Suburban Car workshops (1912)
This image is extracted from an Aerial render of the proposed master plan on exhibition in August 2022. The image shows both the proposed building through the Paint Shop (which under the proposal can be anywhere over the building) as well as the replacement of part of the Paint Shop extension by a building onto Wilson Street and a battle-axe representation of the heritage Former Suburban Car Workshops building. To understand the importance of these buildings and what of heritage importance is impacted see the Heritage Significance summary for the Heritage Interpretation Strategy which REDWatch has extracted at
Image Image of the Building Proposed over the Paint Shop from the Master Plan fly through
This image is a still from the flythrough showing the proposed building within and above the paint shop. This building could, under the proposed controls, be anywhere through and above the heritage Paint Shop building. This impacts both the visual appearance of the Paint Shop, but also its important heritage underground works and the natural light and ventilation of the Paint Shop. For information about the heritage importance and features of the Paint Shop see the Heritage Significance summary in the Heritage Interpretation Strategy. REDWatch has extracted this section at at
Heritage Impacts of Masterplan on Paint Shop and Extension
In this section of the site we have provided the details on the heritage significance of the two heritage buildings mostly impacted by the North Eveleigh Planning Proposal. These details are taken from the heritage significance section of the Heritage Interpretation Strategy for the project. We have also used two images from the exhibition materials to show how the proposal impacts on these two important heritage buildings.