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Elizabeith Street SSDA

Elizabeth Street Redfern was declared a State Significant Precinct on Sept 9 2017. The area declared is the vacant block next to the PCYC and the PCYC itself. Here you can finds oout about this development as it unfolds.
Elizabeth Street Redfern Developer Registration of Interest 20 Dec 2017
Minister Prue Goward visited Redfern on Wednesday 20 December 2017 to announce a Registration of Interest (ROI) process to speed up the proposed redevelopment of The Elizabeth Street Redfern public housing.
Elizabeth Street Redfern Declared State Significant Precinct on Sept 9 2017
On September 9 the NSW Department of Planning and Environment declared 600-660 Elizabeth Street, Redfern a potential State Significant Precinct (SSP), in order to set new planning controls.
File State Significant Precinct (SSP) Study Requirements for Elizabeth St Redfern
On 31st January the Department of Planning issued the State Significant Precinct (SSP) Study Requirements for Elizabeth St Redfern public housing land next to and including Redfern PCYC. The precinct will now be investigated for rezoning through the State Significant Precinct process. These requirements was prepared with support from the City of Sydney and state government agencies. FACS will undertake these studies, consulting with the community at key stages. FACS will then prepare a proposal which will be lodged with the Department for review. Initial reviews will be carried out to ensure that the requirements for each study have been met, before the study is publicly exhibited. In the next stage of the process, the Department will publicly exhibit the proposal and residents will be encouraged to have their say on the planning future of their community.
Elizabeth Street Redfern “Build to Rent”
On 2 August 2018 REDWatch held a forum on the Elizabeth Street Build to Rent model. As we explained in our email update LAHC got itself a bit tangled up and organising the meeting was a bit like an episode of Utopia. In spite if this we had a useful session unpacking this model which has some major attractions as part of the Communities Plus program - mainly that it does not sell off public housing lands.
Strong market interest in Elizabeth Street mixed build-to-rent development
The NSW Government has announced the conclusion of the competitive tender process to find a development partner to deliver mixed social, affordable and private housing in Elizabeth Street, Redfern under the nation's first mixed tenure Build-to-Rent model. Below is the text of the media release issued by Minister Goward.
File Communities Plus Community information sessions - October 2019 - Poster
The NSW Government plans to build a new housing project to accommodate a mixed community with new social, affordable and market rental housing opposite Redfern Park at 600-660 Elizabeth Street Redfern. You are invited to learn more about the project on * Tuesday 15 October, 2019 - 1pm - 4pm - Poets Corner, 45 Morehead Street Drop by and enjoy a free BBQ lunch or * Friday 18 October, 2019 - 5pm - 8pm - Redfern Town Hall, 73 Pitt Street - Light refreshments will be provided. This is the poster for the event
File Redfern Build to Rent Consultation Boards
In mid October 2019 Land and Housing held a brief 2 week consultation on their proposed planning controls for a build to rent development in Elizabeth Street Redfern on the block that currently included the PCYC. THis PDF includes the four boards used for this exhibition.
File Redfern Build to Rent Survey
In mid October 2019 Land and Housing held a brief 2 week consultation on their proposed planning controls for a build to rent development in Elizabeth Street Redfern on the block that currently included the PCYC. In conjunction with two drop in sessions Land and Housing Corporation use the following very basic questionnaire.
Council's Consideration of controls for LAHC’s Redfern Build to Rent
Council has considered the rezoning of the site proposed for Land and Housing Corporation’s (LAHC) Redfern Build to Rent project at its Transport, Heritage and Planning Committee before it went before the full Council on 29 June 2020. Below is what REDWatch sent out in its email Update on 19 June 2020 with some notes on subsequent changes.
NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) cancels Build to Rent for PCYC / Elizabeth Street Redfern
The media release below was issued by the Department of Planning Industry Environment, of which LAHC is a part, on 27 October 2021. LAHC have cancelled the Build to Rent (BTR) proposal saying that the planning proposals being considered by Council will impact the ability to deliver the BTR proposal. LAHC has issued a new EOI process for their standard Build to Sell model for this site that will deliver about a third social housing. Acording to a tender site the new EOI closes on the 14 December 2021.
Redfern PCYC site work throws up interesting financial questions
REDWatch spokesperson, Geoff Turnbull in the 1 December REDWatch email reflects on the Council and Central Sydney Planning Committee's consideration of the Elizabeth Street / PCYC rezoning application as it relates to financial feasibility and Aboriginal Affordable housing.
LAHC profit on 600 Elizabeth Street Redfern to fund social housing across the state at cost of affordable housing
The Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) have now finalised the planning controls for the 600-660 Elizabeth redevelopment. Council has been unsuccessful in forcing its recommended 7.5% affordable housing on the site in addition to the 30% social housing proposed by LAHC. The approved planning controls are for a minimum of 30% affordable housing (which includes social housing).
Image Bridge Housing - successful pitch for 600-660 Elizabeth Street
This is one of the illustrations released from Bridge Housing by Anthony Roberts on 23 January 2023 announcing Bridge Housing and Capella Capital (part owned by Lend Lease) are the sucessful tenderers for the redevelopment of LAHC owned land opposite Redfern Oval.
Elizabeth Street Redfern Development - Bridge Housing and Capella Capital successful tenderers
Minister Anthony Roberts dropped the announcement to the Sydney Morning Herald for 23 January 2023. Below is the subsequent media release from the Minister and a link to the SMH article and other comment.
Redevelopment of Elizabeth Street, Redfern will be a sell off of public land for private profit - Jenny Leong Response
This is a media statement by Greens Housing Spokesperson and local MP Jenny Leong to Minister Anthony Roberts announcement of the successful tender for 600-660 Elizabeth Street Redfern.
Bridge Housing flips NSW Government 30:70 model in Redfern Development
In a statement on the Bridge Housing website about their success in gaining the rights to develop 600-660 Elizabeth Street, LAHC get there 100 social housing units but there will only be a similar number of market homes. Bridge as the developer say they will also deliver around 100 affordable homes as well as 11 specialist disability homes and new offices for Bridge Housing. The statement on the Bridge Housing website is reproduced below:
File Bridge Housing Fact Sheet on Elizabeth Street, Redfern Redevelopment
In addition to a statement on its website at www.bridgehousing.org.au/properties/housing-development/redfern-estate, Bridge Housing has issued this factsheet on the 600-660 Elizabeth Street Redfern development. The fact sheet commits to 10% of all of Bridge Housing’s allocation of homes will be dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tenants. The fact sheet also states the development will include "3,500sqm of community space as a hub for local services, potentially including the PCYC subject to funding, and Bridge Housing’s new head office with community meeting space."
Bridge Housing wins on 600-660 Elizabeth Street and flips 70:30 model
Bridge Housing and Capella Capital were announced on 23 January 2023 as the successful tenders of the Elizabeth Street public housing site which also included the PCYC. Below is how REDWatch unpacked the announcement in our email update. This post details the announcement, some history on the site and what has been learnt about to consortiums plans for the site.
File Bridge Housing Presentation on Elizabeth Street
On 2 March 2023 Bridge Housing and Capella Capital presented to REDWatch on their plans for the 600-660 Elizabeth St Redfern Communities Plus site. This presentation has been updated on the one shown to clarify a couple of questions that came up during and after the presentation.
Silvester Fuller wins Design Competition for 600-660 Elizabeth Street Redfern (now known as Redfern Place) market housing building
In this media release of 28 February, Bridge Housing not only announces the winner of the design Competition for the site's market housing they also advise that the site will be known as Redfern Place which will "comprise four buildings, including a community space, market and key worker housing, affordable housing, NDIS and social housing, and the new home for Bridge Housing's head office as it returns to its roots in Redfern".