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Media Articles on Redfern Waterloo

This is a selection of major news items about Redfern Waterloo from various media outlets. The AHC also has a good selection of the stories about the Block in their media news section at You can get up to date news by setting up a Google News alert at News Alerts will not pick up local media and some mainstream media stories which do not appear on a news website, where possible we put these stories on our website to provide wide access to the stories.
REDWatch on the New Planning System Challenges
In this panel presentation by REDWatch Spokesperson Geoff Turnbull on "Citizens and city making: Who should be involved and how?" to a forum held by the Henry Halloran Trust at Sydney University on 18 April 2013, Geoff outlines, a couple of days afterr the release of the White Paper some of the challenges for community groups like REDWatch in the proposed New Planning System for NSW.
New Laws Hazardous to Heritage
The Better Planning Network (BPN) says the new planning laws proposed by NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard will endanger our Heritage buildings and sites reports this media release from the Better Planning Network on 18 April 2013.
NSW Government’s Cynical Betrayal of Community
“The NSW Government’s planning White Paper and Draft Legislation is a cynical betrayal of every promise made to the community,” said Better Planning Network’s Corinne Fisher in this media release on 16th April 2013 from the Better Planning Network.
Rachel Forster Hospital Exhibition - Until 22 March 2013
Below is an OCR copy of the notice about the exhibition sent to surrounding residents.
Darlington TMAP and heritage
The following response for Lord Mayor Clover Moore to issues raised by REDWatch deals with Councils recent involvement with the SMDA / UGDC in preparing a TMAP dealing with the impact of the North Eveleigh development and in exploring Council's role in heritage activities at North Evleigh. The letter dated 15 March 2012 also deals with the Abercrombie Street upgrade.
Proposed traffic changes, Abercrombie Street, Darlington - Until 12 Mar
As part of the Abercrombie Street Darlington Upgrade council is proposing a number of local traffic changes. They are looking for feedback about the proposal. Submissions must be made in writing, quoting reference number 2013/029493, before 6pm on 12 March 2013. The details of the proposal are set out in the letter below:
Charles Kernan Reserve BBQ - Retain or Remove - by 8 March
On 12 February Coucil wrote to residents arround the BBQ asking for their feedback following mixed coments received by Council about the well used BBQ. Below is the letter which REDWatch is circulating to those that use the BBQ but which migh be outside the Council notification area. Lawson St for example was not leafleted.
Iconic Cleveland Street Australia Post HQ to be redeveloped and sold
Australia Post announced on 7 March 2013 a major redevelopment (pending council approval) of its iconic 219 – 241 Cleveland Street Headquarters in Strawberry Hills on the fringe of Sydney’s CBD. In conjunction with the extensive redevelopment of the building to create a modern and efficient corporate headquarters, Australia Post will commit to a 12 year head lease and market the property for sale. The details of the media release from Australia Post of 7 March 2013 is provided below.
Sign up to give a lift to redfern
PHASE two of the long-running Lift Redfern campaign — which aims to get elevator access at the busy innercity railway station — is under way with the launch of an online petition reports Central Magazine in its 6 March 2013 issue.
Giant architect built for justice - COL JAMES, 1936-2013
Col James was a giant who took great strides with gentle steps, followed a career-long path with clear direction and purpose, but always had time for a cup of tea and to listen to those seldom heard by the architectural world he loved reports this obituary in the Sydney Morning Herald of 23 February 2013.
UrbanGrowth in Redfern-Waterloo
The state government authority responsible for delivering the BEP2 planning controls for public housing estates in Redfern and Waterloo and for planning on the former Eveleigh Railyards has made yet another transformation. The SMDA, which was formally the RWA, became the UrbanGrowth Development Corporation (UGDC) on January 1. The UGDC retains the SMDA’s Growth Centres powers which allow it to compulsorily acquire land and consolidate it in designated growth centres (currently Redfern-Waterloo and Granville). It will play a broader re-development role alongside a partner agency called UrbanGrowth NSW reports Geoff Turnbull in the February Issue of the South Sydney Herald.
New growth precincts?
When land values are determined by lines on government maps showing growth areas and other potential developments it is important to get things correct writes Geoff Turnbull in Febuary 2013's South Sydney Herald.
Business Chamber wants sculpture gone
REDFERN: On behalf of the local business community, the South Sydney Business Chamber (SSBC) is starting a campaign to remove “The Bower”. The sculpture was installed in Redfern in 2008, near the station, at the intersection of Regent and Redfern streets reports the February 2013 Issue of the South Sydney Herald..
Sydney Local Health District Statement on Installation
The following statement was released by Dr Teresa Anderson, Chief Executive of Sydney Local Health District (SLHD), on 5 February 2013 to the South Sydney Herald (SSH). SSH requested a statement when the Automatic Syringe Dispensing Machine was installed as this had not been “disclosed at last week’s meeting”. This was the position taken in the print issue of SSH which went to press before the statement below was received. The statement below claims that “the decision to install the machine was announced at a public meeting in Redfern on January 29”. The SSH writer who was at the meeting has subsequently checked with four other meeting attendees with different views on the proposal. They all left with the impression that SLHD looked set to press ahead but none recalled a specific announcement and certainly no reference to an installation date within the week reports South Sydney Herald online on 6 February 2013.
Dispensing information, while pushing ahead
Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) pushed ahead with the installation of the Automatic Dispensing Machine (ADM) in front of the Redfern Health Centre without mentioning it at a public meeting on January 29. In contrast to the December meeting where locals opposing the installation primarily argued their objections with representatives of SLHD, this meeting was independently facilitated and featured a more balanced discussion about the issues with many supporters of the ADM in attendance reports Geoff Turnbull & Justine McNamara in the February 2013 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Human services co-ordination
Improving human service co-ordination has been a stated government goal for over 10 years. It was a focus following the Morgan Disney Review in 2004 and was a focus of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA) with its top-down Human Service Plans, Senior Officers Implementation Group and Ministerial Advisory Committee. On the ground, little changed. Many groups ceased meeting with the wind-up of the RWA writes Geoff Turnbull in the February 2013 issue of the South Sydney Herald.
City West in North Eveleigh
City West Housing (CWH) has been appointed as the affordable housing provider for the North Eveleigh affordable housing project initiated by the RWA now UrbanGrowth Development Corporation. CWH is to undertake the design, seek planning approval, construct and manage a minimum of 61 affordable housing units at North Eveleigh. The final number of units will be determined through the design stage reports Geoff Turnbull in the February 2013 issue of the South Sydney Herald.
North Eveleigh Affordable Housing Anouncement
The following statement regarding the appointment of Nace Civil Engineering and City West Housing Pty Ltd appeared on the SMDA/UGDC website on 30 January 2013.
Premier & Cabinet Memorandum on UrbanGrowth NSW
The Memorandum below was issued on 30 January 2013 by the Department of Premier and Cabinet regarding the structure and operations of UrbanGrowth NSW.
Lift Redfern – Where to Next - Some Ideas
Lift Redfern will meet on Wednesday 30th January 2013 at the factory Community Centre to explore options for the Lift Redfern Station Campaign for 2013. This is a supporters meeting and everyone ewith their ideas are welcome. Below is an overview of some possibilities prepared by REDWatch for the meeting to get people thinking about where the campaign might go.
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