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Media Articles on Redfern Waterloo

This is a selection of major news items about Redfern Waterloo from various media outlets. The AHC also has a good selection of the stories about the Block in their media news section at You can get up to date news by setting up a Google News alert at News Alerts will not pick up local media and some mainstream media stories which do not appear on a news website, where possible we put these stories on our website to provide wide access to the stories.
Save Leamington Avenue Submission on Land Acquition and Transport
Save Leamington Avenue (SLA) made a submission on the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan Discussion Paper to Transport for NSW. The submission covers key areas of public interest that arose from SLA's experience with the City Relief Line that threatened to see their houses compulsory acquired at some point in the future. The submission raises a number of important issues that Government needs to address in planning for future Transport infrastructure that may impact on landowners surrounding the infrastructure. Submission to Transport for NSW April 2012
Cinema Heritage: Eveleigh Rail Film Festival
Tina Kaufman anticipates a day of secret joys at a festival which will choof its way through a primal connection - steam and cinema. The life and career of JP McGowan, Australia`s first Hollywood success story, depended on the Everleigh Rail Yards, as the NFSA will be quick to explain. Tina Kaufman writing for Screen Hub on 22 February, 2012
Social Impact Scoping & Assessment Brief
Below is the Brief used to appoint consultants to undertake the Social Impact Scoping & Assessment Brief for the SMDA.
Small step to a distant past
Lance Richardson pulls on his walking shoes to visit sites that uncover and celebrate the city's indigenous history reports The Sydney Morning Herald 18 February 2012.
Clover Moore MP Questions on Redfern Station to Minister for Transport
Clover Moore MP placed the following questions on Notice in the Legislative Assembly on 15 February 2012. On 21 March 2012 the Minister for transport responded to them all with the one liner: "The Government is in the process of determining where future upgrades to stations will take place and Redfern Station will be considered as part of this review". The question also refers to earlier answers to questions raised by Clover Moore MP. We have provided the links to theses questions and the answers which give some indication of past promises and time frames that have not been met.
Council Decision on Abercrombie Street Upgrades - Feb 2012
Council decided to proceed with its upgrade scoping proposal for Abercrombie Street with the addition of a flush road treatment at Ivy Street. It was also resolved that a scoping report be prepared for council covering areas not covered by the current scoping report including the Northern side of Abercrombie Street.
Glebe public housing plan comes under fire and before planning committee
CENTRAL Sydney planning committee will tomorrow consider plans by the state government for housing in Cowper St, Glebe. The public housing estate at Cowper and Elger Sts was demolished earlier this year but more than 50 per cent of the new dwellings planned will be privately owned reports James Groman in Central of 8 February 2012.
Shane Phillips in top 100
REDFERN: According to the Sydney Morning Herald’s (Sydney) magazine, Shane Phillips of the Tribal Warrior Association is one of Sydney’s 100 most influential people writes Liesa Clague in the February 2012 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Pemulwuy - towards Excavation
The Aboriginal Housing Company’s Pemulwuy Project final plans are on public exhibition until the end of February writes Lyn Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of February 2012.
Trendy Redfern - but for whom?
With the announcement of the Aldi discount store chain wanting to open in Danks Street area fear spread that it might not receive planning approval. Local resident activists, community groups and community centres advocates went out of their way to ensure that the local support for the store was heard. The store, due to open soon, received support for its application in forms of letters and strong petition of 800 plus local residents. But what was all the fuss about? asks Michael Shreenan in the February 2011 issue of the Soluth Sydney Herald.
End of RWA
The Redfern Waterloo Authority has finished. Gone are the community grants and the Ministerial Advisory Committees reports Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of February 2012.
Housing NSW Masterplan takes Shape
Housing NSW has released reports from their November planning workshops for their next round of discussions reports Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of February 2012.
SMDA Area Exhibitions
Some planning protection will come to the Large Erecting Shop with the welcome withdrawal of the BEP zoning for a 4 – 12 storey building and the reinstatement of controls at its existing height. The site returns to permitting rail infrastructure facilities and information and education facilities consistent with RailCorp’s decision to use the site for rail heritage purposes and is on exhibition until February 15 reports Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of February 2012.
Fog surrounds Sartor and RWA hill
Given all the conflict over The Block you would think Frank Sartor’s book “The Fog on the Hill – How NSW Labor Lost its Way” it is surprising it rates only a passing mention in a section on “The twisted tales of EM Farrelly” reports Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of February 2012.
Council Redefines Villages Groups
Council has redrawn its village boundaries for community forums and delivery of community services in line with the City’s 2030 strategy reports Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of February 2012.
“Lift Redfern” Station Campaign
A campaign to get lifts installed at Redfern Station is being supported by a wide range of organisations including business, the arts, the Aboriginal community, community services, resident groups and local political party branches reports Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of February 2012.
Cafe lifestyle descends on Redfern as corporate home office sells for $2.25 million
One of the largest retail/residential properties on Redfern Street, Redfern has been sold for $2.25 million through Ben Forsyth at McGrath Estate Agents reports Jonathan Chancellor on 6 February 2012 in Property Observer.
Heritage triumphs in Redfern battle
IT IS A quiet street, edged by trees and terraces. But for the past two years it has been the site of a bitter battle between residents and developers over a planned block of flats reports Alicia Wood in the Sydney Morning Herald of 5 February 2012.
Social Impact Scoping and Assessment for Redfern Waterloo - Focus Group Information Sheet Text
The SMDA and Consultants GHD are undertaking Focus Groups in February 2012 on Scoping for a Social Impact Assessment. This is the Focus Group Information Sheet intended for participants. Currently this is the only written information available from the SMDA about the Scoping for the Social Impact Assessment and hence REDWatch is making it available for the information of the broader community. The SMDA welcomes feedback from individuals, organisations and other stakeholders on key issues which they would like considered in the relevant study by the SMDA.
University of Sydney statement re Frank Sartor
According to Frank Sartor in his 2011 book "The Fog on the Hill - How NSW Labor Lost its Way"(pp118-123) Kristina Keneally, as Planning Minister, devised a plan to 'compensate' Sydney University for its `loss' of the Callan Park opportunity by offer­ing it the North Eveleigh site in Redfern, which had been prepared for tender. Sartor makes further claims that he was told that Sydney University were only prepared to pay $30m for the site while the site was worth $100m. Sydney University was asked to comment on Sartor's comments for a South Sydney Herald article in 2012 and below is the full text of their media statement of 31 January 2012.
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