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Eveleigh Railyards Tour and Forum - 20th October 10 am – 7 pm. Forum: 4pm – 5.30 pm

In view of the International Rail Heritage Conference entitled Challenges and Opportunities being held in Ipswich Queensland at The Workshops Rail Museum 15 – 17 October 2009 – see , with the international delegation visiting Sydney afterwards it seems an ideal opportunity to host an event at the Eveleigh Locomotive Workshops- Redfern.

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Oct 21, 2009
from 01:00 AM to 10:00 AM


Locomotive Workshop, ATP Eveleigh

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02 93196190

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10.00 am:

Commences with a morning tea, kindly provided by RWA, in bay 4 with a viewing of “Trains of Treasure”- a Railway Unions Cultural Exhibition consisting of 26 panels of artwork that records the colourful railway life from convict days through the changing technologies. Compiled by Brian Dunnet – ex Eveleigh worker, historian, and event organiser.

11 .00am -12.30pm:

A tour of the site by ex Eveleigh workers and experts which would include the Hydraulic pumproom, air compressor room, machinery throughout building, exterior historic assemblages.

12.30pm-1-30pm :

Buy own lunch at choice of cafes either in Bay 8 or NIC building (New Engine Shop).

1.30 pm– 2-30pm:

Tour of the operating blacksmithing shop and steam powered systems by historian and ex-Eveleigh worker Dick Butcher and resident blacksmith Guido Gouverneur.

3.00pm- 4.30pm:

Heritage Bus trip over to carriage works to tour Northern side of Eveleigh, tour by Ian Zammit of Carriageworks. Visit to “paint-shop”.  View Chief Mechanical Engineers Office. Bus back to ATP


Afternoon tea (provided by RWA)

4.00pm - 5-30pm

Forum in theatre on conference theme - International delegates and invited speakers. Discussion on Heritage Challenges & Opportunities at Eveleigh and how to develop a vibrant and internationally significant Historic Railway tourist destination. Theatre kindly made available by the ATP.

5.30pm – 7.00pm:

Drinks and canapés (provided by RWA) in centre aisle of blacksmithing bays and atmospheric blacksmithing demonstration.

RSVP to:  or phone Wendie McCaffley 02  93196190

How to get here:  Goggle map can also be downloaded off website

Train: to Redfern Station, leave off platform 10, which is signposted to Australian Technology Park. From platform 10 exit you’ll see stairs leading down to Plaza of ATP. Enter into Locomotive Workshop entrance on right of Plaza. Walk through blacksmithing shop bays 1 & 2 to bay 4 for morning tea. Car: ATP Car park entrance on Garden Street, Eveleigh. Parking Cost $20 day. (Off Henderson Road Alexandria-Sydney).Walk up to Locomotive Workshop building and enter bay 4 from Locomotive Street. 

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