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About REDWatch

This section of the site provides information about the community group REDWatch. Find out about REDWatch statements, campaign, meetings, working groups and history.
About REDWatch
An introduction to REDWatch
REDWatch Incorporated & Membership
REDWatch is incorporated as an Association in NSW under the name REDWatch Incorporated (Incorporation Number INC9885692). REDWatch hence has a formal membership and Rules of Association. You can find out more about REDWatch Membership and REDWatch Incorporated here.
REDWatch Statements
This directory holds statements issued by REDWatch
REDWatch Meetings
Here you will find details of coming REDWatch Meetings
REDWatch Working Groups
REDWatch is setting up working groups to bring together people with a special interest in areas of concern. These groups meet between REDWatch monthly meetings and bring recomendations for action and policy back to the monthly meetings. If you are interested in being involved in an exisiting REDWatch working group or in meeting with others around an area which is not yet listed please email REDWatch at
Contact REDWatch
Contact Information for REDWatch
Support REDWatch
REDWatch is a voluntary community group. This website and the work we do is all done on a volunteer basis with contributions from our community. REDWatch needs to raise funds to keep our website running and to cover our costs. You can support our work by making a donation or offering other support.