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Erskineville Gardening and Composting Day

Hello Erko neighbours/ keen composters and gardeners, We are composting and gardening on council vacant land at 52-54 Erskineville Road (opposite BP). We are aiming to continue using this land and enliven a vacant space in our neighbourhood, compost organic waste, grow local edible plants, KEEP THIS LAND OPEN AND AVAILABLE FOR COMMUNITY USES, NOT FOR COUNCIL TO SELL FOR DEVELOPMENT IF YOU WOULD COME BY AND HAVE A LOOK... THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 25, AROUND 10am, WE WILL HAVE A WORKING BEE/ TIDY/PLANTING YOU CAN BRING SOME COMPOST FOR THE BIN, YOU CAN BRING A PLANT, OR JUST COME BY, HAVE A LOOK AND CHAT

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Apr 25, 2010
from 10:00 AM to 05:40 PM


52-54 Erskineville Road (opposite BP)

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Up to 50% of household waste destined for landfill is organic waste that can be composted.
Local Composting - saves organic waste from transport to landfill, and organic waste enriches our local gardens
Organic waste includes: veg scraps, garden cuttings, coffee grinds, tea, newspaper/ napkins, hair, old cut flowers
Community gardening and community composting - brings our community together to share gardening skills, combine organic waste for composting, grow local food to eat local food

Also supported by Friends of Erskineville

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