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REDWatch Meeting with Jim Diers - 8 June 2010

Following the Forum Jim Diers will be meeting with REDWatch in the evening of 8th June to talk about working with Government from the community perspective. This will be an opportunity for community people to ask Jim their Questions and have a community focused discussion.

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Jun 08, 2010
from 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM


Factory Community Centre, 67 Raglan St Waterloo

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(02) 8004 1490

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Jim is the author of “Neighbor Power: Building Community the Seattle Way”. You can use these links to find out more about Neighbor Power and see some extracts on Google Books at Neighbor Power: Building Community the Seattle Way. The Book can be borrowed from City of Sydney Libraries. Jim has had considerable experience both as a community organiser and then working in Government working with Communities. His experience with dealing with community building, community based planning, shutters on shops, running a Department of Neighbourhoods etc highlight the benefits for both government and communities of working together and have relevance to Redfern Waterloo. Jim has previously done some work with the City of Sydney Council.

REDWatch has previously had a presentation about Jim's work in Seatlle and how it might apply to Redfern Waterloo from Councillor Marcelle Hoff as a result of earlier work done by Jim with the City of Sydney. Jim has also previously spoken at a CoS session for Community Groups in the City of Sydney and there was considerable support for trying some of the initiative he used in Seatlle.

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