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REDWatch Zoom Meeting - June 4th 6pm – A Tale of Two Stations

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Jun 04, 2020
from 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM


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(02) 8004 1490

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Transport for NSW (TfNSW) will present its Redfern Station proposal to the June REDWatch meeting which will be held at 6pm on 4th June on line via Zoom. REDWatch has also asked TfNSW to provide an update on what is happening for other aspects of the Redfern Station redevelopment. You can see more about the plans for Redfern Southern Concourse at - REDWatch Update on Redfern Station Southern Concourse Exhibition until 24th June 2020

Also at the REDWatch meeting we will be joined by representatives of the John Holland/Mirvac joint venture responsible for the Waterloo Integrated Station Development, which includes both the Metro station and the over station development. While they are not ready to start their consultation at the REDWatch meeting they can talk about what they are doing, clarify any planning questions, and take on board any comments about the development.

A joint venture between John Holland and Mirvac is in the process of preparing building and public space designs for the Waterloo Integrated Station Development which includes the new Waterloo Metro Station and the over station development. They won the rights to the development against other developers on the short list.

In last year’s planning process, the land occupied by the future station site, was rezoned to allow the development of the site. The rezoning approval made some changes to what was exhibited. While the approval kept a similar amount of floor space for community uses it removed the dedicated “community building” creating a larger community square. The approval also allowed for the possibility of a greater quantity of office space and allowed the movement of some floor space between the towers and the buildings to the east of the towers next to the station boxes. The approval sets the parameters within which the joint venture is developing the proposed building and public space designs. The John Holland Mirvac joint venture will start pre-lodgement community consultation in June. The community is keen to see what the joint venture is proposing and to provide comments.

If you would like to join this online REDWatch meeting via PC or phone please email for link and login details. REDWatch members and supporters will find the link in their latest email update.