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About REDWatch

An introduction to REDWatch
Background on REDWatch
This provides an overview of how REDWatch emerged in response to the issues facing Redfern - Waterloo and provides some idea of the diversity of the group.
REDwatch charter
REDWatch was initially formed arround concerns about the Premiers Department's activities in the area and the lack of community involvement in the decisions being made about our community. The charter below was agreed as the basis for the groups activities when it was set up in early 2004.
Objects of REDWatch Incorporated
The REDWatch Charter was updated when REDWatch was incorporated. The Objects and Proposed Activites below are taken from the REDWatch Rules of Association and spell out the basis for REDWatch's operation.
About the REDWatch Website
REDWatch is a community group which covers the Sydney suburbs of Redfern Eveleigh Darlington and Waterloo. These suburbs make up what the NSW Government generally refers to as Redfern - Waterloo. The area has been subject to various NSW Government bodies including the Redfern Waterloo Partnership Project, the Redfern Waterloo Authority and currently the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority. It has has its own Government Minister from 2004 to 2011 and interventions have included removing planning responsibilities from City of Sydney Council and having place specific interventions on human services, infrastructure and employment.
File REDWatch 20 years - How did we get here?
This PDF is based on the presentation made to celebrate REDWatch's 20th Anniversary on 6 June 2024. It covers the context and formation of REDWatch and the evolution of Government development authorities in Redfern Waterloo. The second part of the presentation looks at some of the campaigns and achievements of REDWatch over these 20 years. The some actions and campaigns section was recorded and is on REDWatch's YouTube. This also includes the reflections of some of the people involved over the years.
File REDWatch Overview: Why, How and What we Do
REDWatch is a bit different from many resident groups. This document seeks to provide an overview of REDWatch’s activities and how they fit within the organisations objects. While this guide was prepared for REDWatch Members and for those thinking of becoming involved on the REDWatch Coordination Group or taking on Officer Positions in REDWatch Incorporated, it also provides a good overview to any interested party into why, how and what REDWatch does.