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Graffiti Action Day 2010

Graffiti vandalism has negative financial and social impact upon the community, specifically residents, business owners, local government and transport operators. Graffiti Action Day is a result of a partnership between Keep Australia Beautiful & the NSW Government and is a first for Australia! The key aims of the Graffiti Action Day are to: • Engage the community in removal of graffiti • Raise awareness of good graffiti removal methods • Support non-government and community run facilities in repairing damage caused by graffiti

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May 02, 2010
from 03:20 PM to 04:20 PM


George St Waterloo or Morehead St Redfern

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9268 3492 or mob: 0434 148 921

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The Inner City area has nominated the following four sites:

Waterloo: George Street, between Raglan and McEvoy Street, odd numbers.

Waterloo: George Street, between Raglan and McEvoy Street, even numbers.

Waterloo: Waterloo Green (including façades of high rise buildings).

Redfern: 41 Morehead Street.

Graffiti Action Day Sunday 2 May 2010

How to become involved:
1. Register. Send an email to and advise of your location. You will be assigned a group to join as a volunteer.
2. Confirm the site co-ordinator. The site co-ordinator will usually be from your Local Council. However, if there is not a group in your area Keep Australia Beautiful may ask you to be a site co-ordinator and will send you a site co-ordinator form which needs to be completed before any work can begin. It involves your product requirements, risk assessment of the site and type of surface material you will be cleaning.
3. Get your graffiti kit. Once the site co-ordinator form is processed you will be directed how to pick up your free graffiti clean up kit.
4. Rally volunteers. If you are a site co-ordinator you will need to rally volunteers. This could be done through community groups, sporting clubs or schools. You will be supplied a poster in a pdf format which you can print locally and place in popular venues where appropriate. You will be emailed a media release that you can use to contact your local press and radio. Please encourage them to visit your group on Sunday 2 May.
5. Report. Once the day is over, email a brief summary of how the day went, what interest it attracted  and any improvements you might suggest.

A poster will be displayed in our common areas in the Redfern Waterloo areas from this week. We are keen to promote civic and community ownership within public housing areas through this initiative.

We are hoping that with your support and involvement, more sites across the Inner City Area can be nominated. There are many ways that you can support us and our residents, including but not limited to:

  • Joining us on the day as volunteers or site coordinators,
  • Donation of refreshment or giveaways.

Please talk to Tuyen Duong, Project Officer, Strategic Projects Division, Housing NSW

(ph: 9268 3492 or mob: 0434 148 921) or email us on to let us know of your idea and support for this initiative or other sites that should be nominated. Your support would be acknowledged as part of the promotion and any feedback and media about the event.


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