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Planning Changes - What it means to You! - 23 October 7.30pm

The State Government recently published a “discussion” paper for changes to planning controls across NSW. This will replace planning legislation that has long underpinned the State’s planning controls. If approved, the changes fast track economic development across the inner city and are likely to result in overdevelopment in your neighbourhood. While reform is needed, the changes have been condemned as pro-developer and remove the wider public from the process. Notably, even ICAC have raised concerns!

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Oct 24, 2012
from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM


Redfern Town Hall 73 Pitt St

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(02) 8004 1490

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A “white” paper is being developed, with legislation to follow.  The proposed changes:

  • Remove your right to comment on a Development Application (DA) in your street
  • Are pro-developer
  • Do not mention the preservation of heritage suburbs nor environmental sustainability principles
  • Introduce “enterprise zones” into the area, which are a “free for all” for developers
  • Rely on “Private Certifiers” paid by developers to approve DAs (rather than Council)
  • “Consultation” is limited to an upfront “regional strategic planning phase” (and not specified)

A  COMMUNITY MEETING  has been organised,  so  you  are informed and can voice  your concerns.  The meeting  is at  Redfern Town Hall,  Pitt Street (off Cleveland Street),  so as many people  as possible  can attend.   The media, guest speakers from the Nature Conservation Council of NSW  and  Better Planning Network as well candidates for the Sydney by-election and  representatives from the City of Sydney have been invited.
We urge you to  attend this very  IMPORTANT meeting.   Without  large  scale  support, these changes are likely to be rail-roaded through. Make an evening of it by bringing your neighbours and friends. For more information, email  To view/download the “discussion” paper, go to  

This forum is supported by 2011 Residents’ Association Inc, Alexandria Residents Action Group, Chippendale Residents Interest Group, Darlinghurst Residents Action Group, Friends of Erskineville, REDWATCH, Pyrmont Action Inc, in association with Better Planning Network

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