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Fog surrounds Sartor and RWA hill

Given all the conflict over The Block you would think Frank Sartor’s book “The Fog on the Hill – How NSW Labor Lost its Way” it is surprising it rates only a passing mention in a section on “The twisted tales of EM Farrelly” reports Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of February 2012.

Another section deals with accusations against Kristina Keneally and Tony Pooley over “The Undermining of Robert Domm” which resulted in the investigation of the RWA by the State Internal Audit Bureau. In Sartor’s view “The Redfern-Waterloo Authority had no money, being another example of cosmetic politics, but we had to make it work—and we did, largely due to the efforts of Robert Domm”.

On the “The Callan Park Mess” Sartor says Keneally planned to ‘compensate’ Sydney Uni for loosing Callan Park, doing it behind the RWA’s back and against a cabinet decision. According to Sartor it didn’t go ahead because, from what he was told, the amount Sydney Uni was prepared to pay was much lower than what the site was worth. In a statement on the REDWatch website Sydney Uni has responded by documenting their undertakings to pay full market price and say it appears Sartor was unaware of developments that took place after he left cabinet.

Source: South Sydney Herald February 2012