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Campus Improvement Program 2014-2020

In January 2014 Sydney University placed its Campus Improvement Plan 2014-2020 on public exhibition. Here we have gathered together information on that proposal and its implimentation.
File USYD Campus Improvement Plan Exhibition Drop Ins 5 Feb 8 Feb 15 Feb 2014
This is the flyer produced by Sydney Uni to promote consultation on their Campus Improvement Program (CIP) which provides a seven‑year plan for the construction of new buildings, infrastructure and accessible public domains four Camperdown/Darlington Campus. This is the flyer prepared for the Exhibition of the State Significant Development proposal exhibition. It details the community information sessions on Wednesday 5 February, 5–7pm; Saturday 8 February, 2–4pm & Saturday 15 February, 11am–1pm and an end Febuary cutoff for submissions.
Universities spend billions in race to be the best
The University of Sydney plans to spend $2.5 billion transforming its historic campus, as a building arms race between higher education providers reaches unprecedented levels, reports Heath Gilmore in the Sydney Morning Herald of 15 March 2014.
Sydney Uni expands on plans
Sydney University is seeking approval for a 68 per-cent increase to its Camperdown-Darlington campus floor space by the end of 2020. This will accommodate a 21 per-cent increase in students on the campus as well as 4,000 units of “affordable” student accommodation, reports Geoff Turnbull in the March 2014 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Sydney Uni Consultation Issues
The following items appeared in the South Sydney Herald 15 march 2014. The first is an article by Geoff Turnbull giving a resident view of the the Sydney Uni Campus Improvement Plan consultation problem. The second was from the University's column in the South Sydsney Herald anoucing an extension of the consultation.
REDWatch - Planning & Infrastructure Correspondence on Sydney Uni Consultation
Below is the text of correspondence between REDWatch and the Director General of Planning and Infrastructure regarding Sydney University's failure to consult with resident groups in the preperation of their Campus Infrastructure Program as required by the Department. The bottom line in the respoinse is that Planning & Infrastructure will ensure that the community does have the opportunity to comment on the University's response to submissions before a determination is made.
File USyd CIP on Community Consultation
While residents were supposed to be consulted in the preperation of Sydney University's Campus Improvement Program under the Planning and Infrastructure requirements residents were unaware of the CIP until it went on exhibition in February 2014. Planning and Infrastructure said "prior to publicly exhibiting the EIS, the agency thoroughly reviewed the submitted EIS, and determined that Section 10 Community Consultation and Appendix N Consultation Outcomes satisfactorily addressed the DGRs for the purposes of exhibiting the EIS." This document contains the two pages from section 10 of the EIS and the two page Appendix N on consultation that the Department considered adequate for the purposes of exhibition when the Director General's requirements instructed the University to "During the preparation of the EIS ... In particular you must consult with ... Local community groups, including but not limited to: REDWatch – Redfern Eveleigh Darlington Waterloo Watch and RAIDD". Have a look yourself and see what you think.
REDWatch Submission on Sydney Uni "Campus Improvement Program"
This is the text of the REDWatch submision on Sydney University's Campus Improvement Program (CIP) of April 2014.
USyd Exhibition of CIP Responses - Until 25 August 2014
The University of Sydney has submitted a Response to Submissions (RtS) report for the University of Sydney's Campus Improvement Program State significant development (SSD) application. This report responds to issues raised in Submissions. This report is open to community comment until August 2014. THis ensures the community has a comment on the University's response in leiu of them not undertaking the consultation requested by the Department in the preperation of the CIP. Below are the details of the exhibition.