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Uni breaks promise

In this letter to the South Sydney Herald of March 2012 Tim Brunero responds to the University of Sydney’s undertaking to move the car park entrance from Abercrombie Street.

After an open letter from the Vice-Chancellor – published in the SSH back in July last year – promised the driveway to its new Business School would not be in Abercrombie Street, Sydney University has now decided, again, that it will be. It’s bad enough this new mega complex (a network of about six new buildings) will bring 6,000 students and staff a day into our residential suburb. But putting the driveway to the underground carpark on Abercrombie Street will funnel traffic from all four corners of the compass into the street where residents live (as opposed to Codrington Street, Darlington Lane and Golden Grove Street – which this mega complex also borders). It will also endanger the kiddies as they walk to school.

Tim Brunero Residents Acting In Darlington’s Defence

Source: South Sydney Herald March 2012 -