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REDwatch charter

REDWatch was initially formed arround concerns about the Premiers Department's activities in the area and the lack of community involvement in the decisions being made about our community. The charter below was agreed as the basis for the groups activities when it was set up in early 2004.

REDwatch charter


REDwatch is a group of community residents and friends from Redfern, Eveleigh and Darlington who support the existing diversity in these areas and wish to promote sustainable, responsible economic and social development.


REDwatch recognises the importance of the Aboriginal community to the area.




1.     Monitor the activities of the Redfern Waterloo Partnership, and especially the RED strategy, to ensure:

(a)    The strategy benefits a diverse community

(b)    Communication and consultation is comprehensive and responsive

(c)    Pressure is maintained on authorities


2.     Provide a mechanism for discussion and action on community issues.


3.     Enhance communication between community groups and encourage broad community participation.