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REDWatch Incorporated Office Holders & Committee

Here we have detailed the Office holders and Committee Structure of REDWatch Incorporated.

Office Holders

Under the REDWatch Rules there are four office holders of the association. The following people have been elected to these office holder positions in 2023-2024:

Convenor - Natasha Sitanala

Secretary - vacant

Spokesperson - Geoffrey Turnbull

Treasurer - Peter Rothwell

Public Officer

The Public Officer for REDWatch Incorporated is Jose Perez.

REDWatch Working Group

The REDWatch Working Group is made up of all members of REDWatch Incorporated and this is the "Committee" responsible for governing the organisation between General Meetings. REDWatch Working Group meetings happen as required. The Working Group established a Co-ordinating Group that normally following REDWatch Monthly Public Meetings. Any member is welcome to attend Co-ordinating Group meetings.

The REDWatch Co-ordinating Group

The REDWatch Working Group has established a Co-ordinating Group to deal with matters between Committee Meetings and to facilitate Working Group Meetings. The Co-ordinating Group is made up of the office holders and up to four other people. Co-ord Group meetings are open to members. Currently the additional members of the Co-ordinating Group appointed by the REDWatch Annual General Meeting are:


Karyn Brown

Savanna Peake

Ben Spies Butcher


Date of Incorporation

REDWatch Incorporated was Incorporated on 5 June 2006.