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USyd CIP on Community Consultation

While residents were supposed to be consulted in the preperation of Sydney University's Campus Improvement Program under the Planning and Infrastructure requirements residents were unaware of the CIP until it went on exhibition in February 2014. Planning and Infrastructure said "prior to publicly exhibiting the EIS, the agency thoroughly reviewed the submitted EIS, and determined that Section 10 Community Consultation and Appendix N Consultation Outcomes satisfactorily addressed the DGRs for the purposes of exhibiting the EIS." This document contains the two pages from section 10 of the EIS and the two page Appendix N on consultation that the Department considered adequate for the purposes of exhibition when the Director General's requirements instructed the University to "During the preparation of the EIS ... In particular you must consult with ... Local community groups, including but not limited to: REDWatch – Redfern Eveleigh Darlington Waterloo Watch and RAIDD". Have a look yourself and see what you think.

USyd_EIS&N_Consultation.pdf — PDF document, 98 kB (101001 bytes)