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Redfern Station a Public Private Partnership - 01.03.2004

The Parliamentary Transport Secretary recently told the Herald that the upgrade of Redfern station (Which as we reported last month won’t start until at least 2010) will be a public private public partnership.

Obviously State Rail has massive problems and the money needs to come from somewhere.

A Sydney Morning Herald article last year talked about the creative way that State Rail was funding stations upgrades with public private partnerships. This has happened so far at St Leonard’s Hurstville and North Sydney.

The developer talked about in the Sydney Morning Herald, as being interested in Redfern was Kimberley Securities.  We spoke to Kimberley owner Natali Stoliar, who now owns the old TNT towers. He confirmed his interest in a Redfern Station Development but he is prepared to wait until after the RED Strategy is finalized.

So what’s in it for Kimberley or any other developer? Perhaps 12 story residential and office towers alongside the railway line. That is what has happened elsewhere

We want an upgrade. We want disabled access but is this the only way it can be done?


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