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Redfern team set for long haul - 15.01.2005

Work on the $5 billion redevelopment of Redfern and Waterloo will begin on Monday, but the governing authority says any physical developments are still a long way off.
The Government has a decade-long plan to demolish Waterloo's residential towers and bring in thousands of private renters, seeking to double the area's population in an attempt to alleviate its social problems.

Zoe Allebone, spokeswoman for the responsible minister, Frank Sartor, said: "This is a long-term plan to revitalise Redfern. Changes aren't going to happen overnight and we're going to be listening to the community as we develop a way forward."

On Monday Robert Domm, the former general manager of the City of Sydney council, will join a skeleton staff in new offices on the top floor of one of the former TNT towers near Redfern Station.

The space is being leased from the council, which will lose much of its control over the area from Monday, although the Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, is on the board. She will join her predecessor, Lucy Turnbull, at the first meeting next month, although Ms Allebone said no date had been set.

By Tim Dick
January 15, 2005

Originally published in the Sydney Morning Herald - link to story