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Burn to douse Redfern - 07.09.2005

From the Inner West's Burwood to Inner City Redfern, Superintendent Catherine Burn takes up the fight. Report Cara Davis in September 7th 2005 Sydney Central Courier.

Catherine Burn said she expected the tasks she would face as new Superintendent of Redfern police would be as rewarding as they were challenging.

Appointed new commander by NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney, Supt Burn - previously in charge at Burwood - was well ell versed when it comes to the Redfern story.

She worked as a police liaison officer on the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into policing of Inner City Redfern last year, following the troubled suburb's highly publicised riots.

Ms Burn said she believed her appointment as Superintendent for Redfern had come at an opportune time.

"It's a pretty exciting area at the moment, there is a lot of good work that has been done by the police and all the other agencies," she said.

"Realistically my goal is to come in and continue the work that has been done, to enhance and maintain those community relationships.

"Predominantly my focus is on reducing crime, and that's always a challenge."

Supt Burn joined the police force in 1984. She commenced criminal investigation duties in 1987, and moved to the Water Protective Pillage Squad in 1990. In the lead-up to 2000, Supt Burn started work on major crime and corruption at the city-based Crime Commission.

Fully operational her whole career, Supt Burn said she has what it takes to tackle the challenging Redfern area.

"I have been with the police for over 20 years, predominantly in criminal investigation. I have been a detective for about 15 of those in organised crime, homicide and general detective work," she said.

"I have an honours degree in psychology and a management degree, and I find those useful. They do help."

According to Redfern's Detective Inspector Darryn Bennett, the main issues remained robberies and drug trafficking.

"We have a dedicated robberies squad and a dedicated drug squad within our command, which is unique," he said

“We also have to proactively target hotspot areas-the places where crime happens, at the appropriate times - and we have our diversion programs for young people in place. "They are our cornerstones for how we do business.”