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City Unveils Vision for Redfern - 15 September 2005

City of Sydney Media Release

The Lord Mayor, Clover Moore MP, today unveiled a new vision for revitalising the southern sectors of the City.


Ms Moore said spearheading the vision was a $50 million-plus program over four years to improve facilities and services for people living and working in Redfern, Waterloo, Darlington and Eveleigh.


“This represents the first phase of an accelerated roll-out of capital works that is already budgeted for and based on engaging the local community,” she said.


“It is about activating streetscapes, broadening access and use of public amenities, generating community pride and appreciating the character of the Village, and neighbourhoods.


“The City is committed to delivering real benefits for the area through a range of projects and initiatives, all of which have flowed out of an extensive consultation process.”


The suite of projects includes:


  • $11 million revamp of Prince Alfred Park, including 50m swimming pool;
  • $19 million restoration of Redfern Park to provide a “jewel in the crown” for recreational and sporting uses, both informal and competitive (scheduled for completion by Christmas 2008 subject to Council approval);
  • $20 million upgrades of the shopping precincts along Redfern and Regents Streets (scheduled for completion by late 2007);
  • $500,000 upgrade of the skate-park in Waterloo Park;
  • $1 million upgrading three parks in the Eveleigh precinct – Yellowmundee, Hugo Street Reserve and Pemulwuy Park – and three parks in East Redfern – James Street Reserve, Marriott Street Reserve and Hansom Cab Place off Young Lane;
  • 500 new trees, in addition to the 2,000 trees already planted across the area in the past 12 months;
  • expansion of child care places at Alexandria and Redfern Centres;
  • preliminary planning for a new Youth Centre; and
  • expansion of green waste collection services.


“The City is committed to action, not just talk. Over the past year, we have expanded existing services in South Sydney and laid the groundwork for further improvements,” Ms Moore said.


“These short- and long-term initiatives will provide better outcomes for the people of Southern part of the City.


“At the same time, the overall program provides a model for the City of Villages vision.”


Referring to the upgrade plans for Redfern Park, Ms Moore said it was imperative that the final design and facilities appeal to the broadest cross-section of the community and encouraged widespread usage.


“There have to be trees, grass and picnic areas, as well as plenty of open space for sport and recreation – both youth and senior, both informal and organised,” she added.


“Our plans will provide the greatest good for the greatest number: greater community access, space for athlete training, facilities for spectators to watch from both seated areas and the sidelines, versatile configuration to allow open plan and potential for temporary or retractable fencing; modest traffic and parking impacts; no appreciable decrease in air quality and no commercial conflicts.”


Ms Moore said that the federally-funded Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) was not interested in purchasing or leasing Redfern Park from the City. The ILC Board is looking at a range of options including the Redfern Public School, the PCYC and the Black Theatre at Cope Street.


“The General Manager of the ILC, David Galvin, has written to me stating that they are not interested in investing in the Park, and said he wishes the City well in its endeavours to revitalise the facility,” she added.


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