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Moore Fails the Community South of Cleveland Street -- Again

This Media Release was issued by Kristina Keneally ALP Member for Heffron on 15 November 2005 regarding the City of Sydney decision over Redfern Oval.

Member for Heffron Kristina Keneally today gave notice of motion in the Parliament condemning Clover Moore MP for not supporting the 31 small businesses, 3 local schools, local welfare groups, local churches, and over 15 Aboriginal groups who back the PCYC’s proposal to redevelop Redfern Oval.


“Despite a remarkable coalition of support from the Redfern-Waterloo community, as well as cross-partisan support from the Greens, Liberal and Labor councilors, Clover Moore used her casting vote to ram through her ideological agenda for Redfern Oval,” Ms Keneally said.


“Clover Moore and her team ran for election under the banner of ‘community independents.”


“Well, that’s turned out to be a pretty apt description: they are acting completely independently from the South Sydney community.”


Ms Keneally said that she was advised that the following community groups had endorsed the PCYC proposal:


Alexandria Park Community School

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Waterloo

Darlington Public School

Human Services Planning Group – Redfern Waterloo Authority

South Sydney Youth Services

Pathways to Prevention Committee

Metropolitan Land Council

Redfern Local Area Command

Redfern Aboriginal Authority (a governing body representing 13 Indigenous Interagencies)

Aboriginal Medical Service

Aboriginal Housing Corporation

Murawina Aboriginal Child Care Centre

Wunanbiri Child Care Centre

Connect Redfern

South Sydney Rabbitohs Football Club

South Sydney Leagues Club

Local churches in Redfern and Waterloo of all denominations

Local welfare groups

31 small businesses in the surrounding streets, including newsagents, butchers, cafes, bakeries, hairdressers, supermarkets, and shoe repairers


“Instead of genuinely listening to the local community, it seems Clover Moore did what she has done since being elected Lord Mayor – ignore the community south of Cleveland Street,” Ms Keneally said.


“Bear in mind, north of Cleveland Street you can find 4 pools, with another $40 million project underway at Ultimo.”


“But south of Cleveland Street, there is only open space – no active recreation facility,” Ms Keneally said. 


“Given the high proportion of high rise accommodation and socio-economic disadvantage, you would think the Council would support an active recreation facility in the Redfern and Waterloo area.”


“Since election as Lord Mayor, Clover Moore has increased funding to the pool in Ultimo from $25 million to $40 million.”


“This pool is in the enlarged state seat of Bligh.”


“But in the enlarged state seat of Heffron, the old state seat of Bligh, Clover Moore has instead used her casting vote to knock down Redfern Oval – ripping the heart out of South Sydney.”


Ms Keneally said it was sadly ironic that Clover Moore had used this ham-fisted approach to destroying a community-backed facility.


“Clover Moore’s political career started when, as a mum with young kids, she campaigned to get the council to improve facilities in South Sydney.”


“As a mum with young kids in South Sydney today, I know first-hand that our area sorely lacks an active recreational community facility.”


“I urge those councilors who did not support the community backed proposal to reconsider their position next week when the proposal comes before the full Council.”


CONTACT - Kristina Keneally