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Rachel Forster, a health care facility? December 2005

In this Have you Heard Column article in South Sydney Herald December 2005 Trevor Davies writes about the Rachel Foster Hospital Site.

It seems obvious to all except the NSW Government that the only use for the Rachel Forster Hospital site is as a health care facility. Consideration could be given to its development as an aged care centre. Dr Mualla Akinci from the Gold Cross chemist in Redfern argues passionately for the retention of the hospital as a health care facility for the aged. She points out "This site could be utilized as a health care facility. An estimated 60% of inhabitants of the high-rise estates in Redfern Waterloo are over 65years of age. The Rachel Foster hospital site would have been a perfect choice for a first class aged care facility:'

Another possibility would be its use as a facility for the treatment of self-injecting drug users. The area health service provided us with some pretty disturbing figures. From mid 2003 to September 2005, there have been 350 episodes of chronic intervention, and 32 occasions of critical intervention in response to clients who are at risk of drug overdose around The Block. A facility has been proposed for Lawson Street. If it doesn't go there, and I say it probably should, then it should go to Rachel Forster. The site is big enough for both an aged-care centre and a centre for a community health care facility. If the Government is hoping for an increase in population here, then a community health facility is needed. It would significantly add to the well-being of the whole area.