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Govt outlines Redfern jobs plan - ABC 20 December 2005

The New South Wales Government says it hopes to create 18,000 new jobs in the Redfern-Waterloo area during the next decade.
Presently, 38 per cent of households in the precinct have a weekly income of less than $400.

The State Government's Redfern Waterloo Authority aims to increase the area's wealth by encouraging the redevelopment of run down areas into employment zones.

"They're centrally located, next to a major transport interchange, so they're very accessible areas," the Minister for Redfern-Waterloo, Frank Sartor, said.

"So there is the potential for a lot of prosperity in those areas. It's just a matter of you know getting new projects started and making sure that local people are a part of the action."

Mr Sartor says improved education and training will also play a key role.

"Already there are Indigenous employment programs that are happening - there's going to be a vocational training centre for the hospitality, construction, transport and IT [information technology] industries and a whole range of other initiatives that actually will provide jobs," he said.