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Sartor changes zoning of the Block to commercial - 9 February 2006

Aboriginal Housing Company Media release 9 February 2006.

NSW government Minister Frank Sartor today announced that he intends to rezone Aboriginal owned land in Redfern to mixed-use to stop the AHC's long standing plans to build 62 Aboriginal homes on the Block.

"This is a disgraceful betrayal of Aboriginal people by the NS W Government" said Michael Mundine CEO of the Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC), "what do you expect from a Minister like Frank Sartor?"

The NSW government has taken an aggressive approach, pressuring the AHC to dominate the land, intended for affordable housing, with commercial buildings.

"This makes a mockery of land ownership in NSW. What's the value of owning land if the NSW government can change the planning rules anytime to suit their own agenda?" said Mr Mundine.

The zoning changes dash any hopes for affordable homeownership for Aboriginal families on the Block.

"The Block is the first urban land handed back by the Commonwealth government. The NSW government doesn't understand that the Block represents a beacon of hope for the next generation. Sartor's plan will destroy five years of hard work by the Aboriginal community" said Mr Mundine.

“They want to stop us from living on our own land, however, we are determined to fight to the end to deliver our commitment to provide 62 homes on the Block"

These zoning changes represent a big win to the developers and the NS W government that will cash in on the sale of Redfern's assets.