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Firth Calls on Sartor to Rethink Pemulwuy Decision - 10 February 2006

Media Release from Verity Firth Deputy Lord Mayor, City of Sydney 10 February, 2006.

Labor Deputy Lord Mayor Verity Firth has expressed grave concern at the State Government's apparent abandonment of the Pemulwuy Project.

“Yesterday's decision by Minister Sartor is regrettable and should be reversed. It has made the realisation of the project impossible,” said Clr Firth today.

The Draft Built Environment Plan rezones the block so that only 30 homes can be built rather than the 62 provided through the Pemulwuy Project.

“The Pemulwuy Project promotes mixed use of the block and includes plans for affordable family homes, a public civic space and commercial area, artist markets, a student hostel, a sports facility and an Indigenous business college.

“For six years a distinguished coalition of Indigenous leaders, community activists and internationally respected urban and social planners has worked hard to develop the initiative. State Government bureaucrats even attended project workshops.

"With one stroke of a pen this innovative development has seemingly been abandoned.

"We had self-determination in action. It resulted in a credible redevelopment plan that was supported by the residents and the local business community. Now we are told that it's been a waste of time.

“I call upon the community to use the upcoming consultation period urge the Minister to re-think his position and give Pemulwuy the consideration it deserves.”