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Draft Built Environment Plan to Drive Jobs Growth in Redfern & Waterloo - 10 February 2006

Kristina Keneally's Heffron E-Herald 10 February 2006 No. 2 on the release of the RWA Built Environment Plan.

A new Town Centre for Redfern is the centrepiece of a draft plan to drive much-needed urban renewal and jobs growth.

Yesterday I joined Minister for Redfern and Waterloo, Frank Sartor, at the Eveleigh Railyards to release the draft Built Environment Plan for public comment.  The plan details the Government's blueprint for 444,000 square metres of new employment space and 2,000 new dwellings.

This plan is the third and final element of Stage One of the Redfern Waterloo plan to promote social and economic revitalisation.  The Built Environment Plan complements the Human Services Plan to streamline services — government and non-government — in the area and the Employment and Enterprise Plan to create 18,000 new jobs.

The Built Environment Plan shows how and where those jobs will be provided — by regenerating strategic, largely state-owned sites to establish a new Town Centre around Redfern Railway station as a hub for community and commercial activity.

I know that many local residents have been interested, and anxious, about what the State Government intended to do with the state-owned sites, such as the former Redfern Police Station and the former Court building.  I believe this plan shows that the Government's aim is to provide jobs and opportunity for the local community.

There are several ways residents can learn more about the plan, or provide feedback, including:

  • going to the RWA's website at
  • phoning the RWA's office on 9202 9100 and ask to be mailed a copy
  • emailing your postal details to
  • attend the RWA's information sessions: between 4 pm - 5 PM, Monday to Friday, 27 Feb to 10 March at Redfern Waterloo Authority, Level 11, Tower 2, 1 Lawson Square, Redfern
  • register your interest to participate in the RWA's focus groups by phoning 9202 9100 or email
  • make a written submission, deadline 5 pm on 7 April 2006, mailed to Redfern Waterloo Authority, PO Box 3332, Redfern NSW 2016
  • attend the RWA Built Environment Plan Community Forum, Saturday, 4 March, 1 PM— 3 pm, at Redfern Town Hall, 73 Pitt Street Waterloo