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School idea a boost for Aborigines

A PRIVATE school's move to open an inner-city school for Aboriginal children has been met with enthusiasm, prompting offers of funding support from the community reports Hannah Edwards Sun Herald May 28, 2006.

St Andrew's Cathedral School has a blueprint to open a school for indigenous children as early as next year in the Redfern area, The Sun-Herald revealed last week.

In a World Vision-style sponsorship program, members of the community, business people and government would sponsor children's fees, which are expected to be between $8000 and $10,000 a year.

St Andrew's principal Phillip Heath said he had been pleased by the community response to the idea of a non-traditional school designed to improve education for Aboriginal children.

He had received offers of sponsorship from parents of St Andrew's students and the wider community. He has also had offers of time to help set the school up.

But not everyone favours the plans, which were inspired by Mr Heath's visits to schools in disadvantaged areas in South Africa.

"Ninety per cent of the response has been positive and enthusiastic," he said.

A community meeting will be held within the next month to decide on the best way forward.