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Frank Sartors comments on CUB to Adam Spencer on 702 ABC - 9 June 2006

The following is a transcript of Minister Sartor's comments about the CUB site following a discussion about changes to Basix for high rise buildings.

ADAM SPENCER:         And let me ask, minister, while I've got you on the line, the reports in the paper today that the Carlton United Brewery's site is being redeveloped and - who's going to take control of the planning of that?

FRANK SARTOR:          Well, a final decision hasn't been taken, but look, I'm a little bit fed up with these over the top, ridiculous exaggerations the Lord Mayor comes up with.  I've actually done more than anybody to improve the quality of architecture in central Sydney, I introduced architectural competitions, some of the new generation buildings going up are much better than they ever were, and to suggest for a minute that if I did call the development in, it would actually be worse, is a simple untruth. 

The simple fact is that one of my concerns is architectural design quality, I don't think the current council is competent enough to address that, they haven't addressed affordable housing for all the other problems.  Talking about slums and social disadvantage, what about the problems of Redfern and Waterloo and the need for decent, affordable housing there?  I mean, this assertion, of the Lord Mayor I would only say this, that the quality of her slogans is inversely proportional to the competency of her administration.

ADAM SPENCER:         Well let's analyse it quickly, the Central Sydney Planning Committee passed a motion affirming its support for the buildings on the site not to go above 100 metres, that's about 33 storeys, to provide a 5000 square metre car park, childcare centre, and community centre on site.  Would you be planning to have those things in the new design?

FRANK SARTOR:          If we call it in, and I'm still seeking further advice, all I've done is put the Lord Mayor on notice, because after three years, not two years, three years of faffing around with this development, it's about time we get some decisions.  If I were to call it in, I have a record of always guaranteeing quality community facilities.  Now that's as far as I'll go, because the rest of it's hypothetical.

ADAM SPENCER:         Peoples' concerns are that there's going to be something absolutely gigantic erected, do you have any concept yet of size or height?

FRANK SARTOR:          No, no, no, I do my job properly, I get proper advice, I analyse all the issues, but I don't start with ideological rigidity the way the Lord Mayor does, it just doesn't balance the public interest with the local interest. You've always got to look at all the issues.  Now I don't even know if the densities would increase, but what I do know is I would guarantee that within six months, they will not only have their rezoning, but they would have a concept approval, if I called it in. 

If the current process continues, it'll be at least another 18 months, it's four and a half years, which is an absolute disgrace.  The Lord Mayor should concentrate on her administration, she's had two general managers, let's see how many more she has in the next couple of years, she should concentrate on doing her job better, doing it at least passably, because quite frankly, three years so far, and another 18 months is a disgrace.

ADAM SPENCER:         Thanks for your time this morning, Frank Sartor.

FRANK SARTOR:          Thank you.

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