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Hillsong Rosebery Project

Member for Heffron Kristina Keneally in her Heffron E-Herald 18 August 2006 reports on Hillsongs Plans for a new auditorium and facilities in Rosebery which would allow Hillsong to move from its current site in Waterloo.

This week I met with representatives of Hillsong Church to discuss their proposed plans for the former RTA site on Rothschild Avenue in Rosebery.

The meeting followed the first Community and Information Feedback Session the church held on 5 August.  A second session will be held on 2 September, 11am - 2pm on site.

My initial impressions are positive.  Hillsong is proposing a very large park (7000-8000 sq mtrs), which would be available for the community at large (at the Queen Street end of the block) as part of the consent conditions; a large auditorium with significant car parking spaces; a childcare centre; a cafe; and office space, some to be used by Hillsong and some to be leased.

The numbers and sizes have not been finalised -- indeed, some changes had already been considered following the community meeting -- but I understand that the proposed auditorium would hold about 3000 people and the car park would be approximately 800-850 cars with multiple entry and exit spots.

The auditorium and facilities would allow Hillsong to move from its current site in Waterloo (at Young and Danks Streets). 

I understand one of the issues on which Hillsong is looking to the community for feedback is whether or not the RTA office tower should be demolished.  I understand that Hillsong is very open to community suggestions on this, as well as on other aspects of the proposal.

I think it is worth bearing in mind that the previous owners, Waltcorp, had approved a mixed commercial/residential development with only 1200 sq mtrs of green space.  As both the local member and a local resident of Rosebery, I believe Hillsong's proposal is much better for the local community that what Waltcorp would have built.

I know that Hillsong has letterboxed a Community News Information Sheet, and I would strongly urge residents to look at the proposal on line at or contact Elton Consulting at 9387 2600 with further questions.

Kristina Keneally's Heffron E-Herald 18 August 2006