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Redeveloped public housing estate not so public

THE cost of redeveloping the Bonnyrigg public housing estate has blown out from an estimated $500 million to $730 million and just 30 per cent of the housing will be public reports Brian Robins in the SMH of October 16, 2007

It is the first time private investors have been involved in the redevelopment of public housing in Australia - and it is likely to be a template for others in NSW, such as the troubled Minto estate in south-western Sydney.

Central to the Bonnyrigg development is cutting the number of public dwellings - as well as moving a large number of tenants into surrounding areas, according to evidence to a budget estimates committee hearing yesterday.

The Bonnyrigg estate, developed in the 1980s, included 833 public dwellings and 100 private houses.

Under the redevelopment proposal, the number of dwellings is to more than double to 2330, with just 699 residences to be public housing.

The cost of the redevelopment to be borne by the Government will be $368 million, the Minister for Housing, Matt Brown, said.