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South Sydney Community Transport remains

South Sydney Community Transport as been part of the inner-city landscape for a long time. It started its life as part of South Sydney Community Aid and operated out of its original home in the old St Luke’s Church in Regent Street Redfern, later becoming incorporated in about the mid ’90s reports the December 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.

It now has its office in Ogden Lane Redfern, at the rear of St Saviour’s Church in Young Street. The project started out with one small bus and then a car to take people to hospital and similar appointments. This was expanded to more buses which take people on shopping trips and other outings. With the support of the City Council, a regular hourly bus service is operated from Waterloo across to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and on to Broadway shops then back to Waterloo, in an hourly service three days a week. Early in 2008 a new service will be extended to Woolloomooloo.

At the Annual General Meeting last month,  South Sydney Community Transport was merged with Central Sydney Community Transport. At the same time, a farewell was given to its chairperson for the past 10 years, Terry Murphy.

Terry was formerly a Labor Party Councillor on South Sydney Council and the City of Sydney Council. Since his retirement he has been keeping himself busy as chairperson of various community organisations like Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and the Inner City Regional Council. The co-ordinator of Community Transport paid tribute to Terry’s hard work and the advice he would often give to staff over the years. He will stay on the board but not in the chair.

The AGM also needed to vote on a possible change of name from South Sydney Community Transport to Central Sydney community Transport. That was overwhelmingly rejected by the meeting when it was told that the cost of the name change would be borne by the organisation and not by the State Government, even though it was the Government’s idea. So, South Sydney Community Transport remains.

Photo: Jack Carnegie: Terry Murphy fare-welled as Chair of South Sydney Community Transport

Source: South Sydney Herald December 2007 


Community Transport about more than just transport

Report from Have you heard - Fast news Compiled by Trevor Davies in the December 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald

Elsewhere in this issue of the SSH we report on the AGM of South Sydney Community Transport. While I was attending the meeting I had a chat with Redfern resident Michael O’Keefe who told me that community transport has been a lifeline for him as a person with HIV/AIDS. At times his health has not been good and Community Transport help him with regular hospital trips and once a month has provided him with important social contact.

If you want to get involved why not give them a ring on 9319 4439 and make some friends!

Source: South Sydney Herald December 2007