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The Demolition Begins as Redfern Gets a Revamp

Public housing in troubled Redfern in Sydney's Inner Suburbs is getting a major facelift reports Victoria Owens on Macquarie National News of 9 January 2008.

Redfern’s notorious public housing block will soon be swapped for new age terrace houses in a bid to clean up the area.

Under an $82 million plan by the Iemma government, the current public housing will today be knocked down to make way for new houses and new neighbours.

Residents of the area will now rub shoulders with private home owners in an attempt to diversify the people living in the area.

Housing Minister Matt Brown says it will improve the image often associated with public housing.

“We want to make sure that there is no stigma.”

The demolition begins today and is expected to last four months before construction gets underway in August.

[Article shows photo of the Block in Redfern which is not owned by Department of Housing]