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Waterloo Green

Housing NSW provides housing assistance to people in need. When there is antisocial behaviour in parks or common areas owned by Housing NSW such as Waterloo Green, Housing will pass on relevant information to NSW Police for their action reports this media release from Matt Brown Minister for Housing in NSW of 20 January 2008.

Housing NSW is not empowered to take action unless there is a breach of tenancy – but it does try to work with public housing communities and other agencies to build stronger communities in areas where there is a lot of public housing.

In early 2007 in response to concerns from local residents, the Redfern Waterloo Authority in partnership with Housing NSW established the Waterloo Green Action Plan. Other agencies involved include NSW Police, DoCS, NSW Health, Department of Education and Training, City of Sydney, DADHC, Ministry of Transport and the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation. Various non-Government agencies are also engaged in activities resulting from the plan.

The aim of the plan is to improve public safety on and around Waterloo Green, reduce anti-social behaviour associated with excessive public drinking, provide more information about services, events and local interest groups, improve access to key human services (such as DoCS, DADHC and NSW Health), make more use of meeting and activities spaces and increase interaction between older residents and young people.

So far, Housing NSW and NSW Police have conducted a safety audit of the area, which has resulted in improved lighting and landscaping. The community have participated in the creation of a tile mural, which has helped deter graffiti and vandalism and has improved the appearance of the area. Further physical improvements are planned this year. Additionally a number of agencies sponsored a picnic for the community in December 2007 to help people to get to know their neighbours which was well attended.

Housing NSW holds regular community meetings with residents in Waterloo and has received encouragement from residents for its work on improving Waterloo Green.