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South Sydney to Hobart

Simon Williams is a Redfern resident and business development officer for TAFE NSW. His job, he says, entails working hard to raise funds for an under-resourced and important educational organisation. Because he works hard he also needs to rest and have fun. Simon’s idea of fun is yachting. This summer marked his seventh Sydney to Hobart. Simon spent three days and 19 hours on board a yacht called Zen reports the South Sydney Herald of February 2008.

“Yachting is not just about being the fastest and racing for first place. If it were then it would just be a matter of putting your wallet on the bar and seeing whose is fattest,” he says. “It’s about mateship, endurance and a test of seamanship.”

Simon also appreciates the support of the Berkley drinkers, Terry, Ginger and Jerry, and a few others, who over the years have made a habit of following via the web the yachts that

Simon sails.

Anyone can take up yachting.

Simon says that Pacific Sailing School, located at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, New Beach Road, Rushcutters Bay, teaches yachting. “If you practice every weekend for two years,” he says, “you might well find yourself on board a yacht and on your way to Hobart.”

Source: South Sydney Herald February 2008 -